Monday, May 28

I Spy...

just before sunset I found our little Blue Bird family.....can you find all 5 babies???

 how about now???

 wonder what the little one on the right is looking up at???

Mom and dad are still busy feeding them. I was  pleased to see all 5 of the babies doing well...

Sunday, May 27

Bye, Bye...Birdies!!!!

After watching the bluebird box for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and seeing little activity, I mustered up the courage to peek inside the box.  I knew what I would probably find---an empty box!! All that remained was a flattened nest and  alot of poop all over the walls. The little family of five had fledged and they didn't even say good-bye. I will now look forward to mom and pop bringing the young ones to the bird bath area for me to observe. 

 This afternoon I cleared out the old nest and gave the inside a good cleaning. 
I left the door open to allow it to dry out.

Shortly after I put it all back together, I saw Poppa Blue Bird investigating the box. He took a quick peek inside and flew off...I'm thinking he went to tell momma the house is 
all cleaned up and ready for the next brood....
Wonder how she reacted???

 I leave you with this photo and thought......
"Going to the woods is going home" 
John Muir

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Saturday, May 26

Photo Dump...

"X" marks the sky, oh deer, solar and wind powered clothes dryer
making the cut, farm work is never done,
what dentists do on their day off, more wood
No, I didn't dig a hole mum!!, a misty morning, and my girlz

Friday, May 25

Tuesday, May 22

The Butterfly Effect...

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Last weeks photo dump...

Gracie loves a treat, everything is just peachy, another good brush pile fire
fishing opener at our pond (I caught 5 fish:) a flower garden sunrise, can I come in mum??
saying farewell to the blue birds, a birthday sunset and yummy birthday cupcakes.

Sunday, May 20

Day #12

Since the end of March I have been monitoring the 3 blue bird boxes my hubby made this winter.  I was thrilled that just one week after we placed them I had a beautiful little pair claiming one of the boxes. The best part was, it was the box just outside my kitchen window!! Since bluebirds are somewhat threatened (the biggest threat being the house wren!!) it is important that the boxes are monitored closely. I took my "job" seriously checking on my little  friends every couple days until I was pleasantly surprised on April 22 with a tiny blue egg in the nest....GAME ON!! for the next four days another egg was added to the nest daily. On May 7, the first of 5 chicks hatched...the rest hatched on May 8.  For the past 12 days I have peeked on the nestling daily, if you go back to some of my past posts you will see how quickly they have grown.
more bright blue feathers....looks like maybe another male...

this is one packed house!!
Today marks my last day of peeking inside the nesting box to monitor the nestlings." BAN " BlueBirds across Nebraska suggest discontinuing box monitoring  at day 13 to prevent premature fledging.

Some have asked how I got the shots inside the box...fortunately hubby made the boxes so that they flipped up in front allowing just enough room to use my point and shoot camera on the closeup setting. Today's shots aren't the best as the nestlings are getting so big I can't get the camera in the correct position without disturbing you get what you see.
the door flipped open---sorry it's blurry, mom and pop were
getting a bit impatient with me and all the photo taking, so tried to do it quickly

a packed house and alot of poop on the walls !!
BlueBirds are very social and seem to like interacting with people, probably doesn't hurt that I supplied them with a healthy helping of meal worms daily.  BAN states that they will probably fledge at day 17...and most likely will all fledge at the same time.  Mom and Pop Bluebird will take them out and about and show them the ropes. I am sure we will continue to see them around as I will continue to provide a few meal worms for the first few days.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this part of the Blue Bird journey with me....
it 's been fun sharing with you and it's one of those things
 that has made me say WOW!!

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Saturday, May 19

Working like birds...

This afternoon I realized that I have just a few days before the little Blue Bird Brood flys the coop. I grabbed the camera and the canister of meal worms and sat in the yard to watch mom and pop Blue Bird work.

This is a Dogs Eye View of Blue Bird life...

Here's mom waiting for pop to leave the box so she can deliver the next course to the peeps...

Here is mom at the little feeder I have been placing a few extra meal worms a couple times a day.
Thus giving mom and dad a little break from the constant finding of feed.
I think I count 5 or 6 worms in her beak...

Love this shot...both mom and day at the box---notice mom is loaded with meal worms

Dad usually doesn't enter the box when he feeds, Find him hanging outside......but
he does an excellent job of fecal sac removal!!! Guess he knows that taking out the garbage is his job!!

Mom leaving the box after bringing home the worms!!
Day #11
Look tiny little blue feathers!!
Research says that by day #11 the nestlings are beginning to preen, also find them hopping and stretching to strengthen their muscles.  The males have bright blue feathers (so looks like at least 1 male :)  Tomorrow will be my last day of "peeking" at this brood. I will then continue to observe from a safe distance to ensure we don't have a premature fledging.

Check back tomorrow for my final inside the nesting box photos!!

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Friday, May 18

I See You....Baby Blue Birds!

Day 10

Their eyes are open......
Right now they weigh  a little less than an ounce.  Mom and Pop are feeding about every 5 minutes. I think we are starting to see little wing feathers emerging.
Only a couple more days of peeking...they should fledge the middle of next week.

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Wednesday, May 16

Grape Jelly Any birdie???

hmmm....grape jelly!!

Oh, I'll give it a try...


yes, that is some fine grape jelly!!
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Tuesday, May 15

Blue Birds...Day 5,6,& 7

Here are some shots from the past 3 days...
 this way you can see their rapid growth!!

Day 5

Day 6
tiny little feathers bursting from the tips of the sheaths
you can also see the tiny slits on the eye.

Day 7
finally can count all 5 heads....
they hardly react when I open the box,
think that's called a meal worm coma! 
Other bird eggs...
4 eggs in another bluebird box, but these eggs belong to a tree swallow

don't know who this nest belongs to as I found it this a.m.
The engineering is amazing as the bird has used lots of seeds from the cottonwood trees to pad the nest.
 I think it looks pretty comfy!!

Monday, May 14

Photo Dump 5.12.12

Hi everyone, 
I had a great weekend! Yesterday was not only Mother's Day, but also my 50 something birthday. I haven't had an opportunity to download ALL the photos I took and I gotta work today, so they will be posted in the near future. Don't worry I've got baby Blue Bird shots to share too!!

Here's last weeks photo dump...make it a great monday

The boys went scrappin, I played in the dirt, planted pretty petunias,
chubby little finch, new lawn ornament,
a reflection of Gracie, looking forward to raspberries, Schatzie blew bubbles,
 Gracie looked for frogs and birthday cupcakes for me!!

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How about YOU??

Saturday, May 12

Blue Birds...Day # 4

Today when I opened the box to check on the nestlings they were still, not a peep, no gaping even when I whistled. I think they were in a food induced we can all relate to that one, right!!??
If  you look closely at their tiny little wings you are starting to see feather sheaths beginning to emerge.  Look at that soft gray down on the wings, head and spines.  Feel sorry for the tiny one at the bottom of this pile.
 I also caught a shot of the barn swallow eggs before mom and dad bombed me and a quick photo of our little hummingbird.

Barn Swallow eggs...

Male Humming bird.... 

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Friday, May 11

Blue Birds...Day #3

They are growing like weeds.Mom and dad are nearby ready to bring a lovely meal worm dinner to the brood. Right now they weigh about 1/3 of an ounce. Eyes are still closed. The nestilings (that's what they are called at this stage) are unable to regulate their body temperature for the first 6 momma is needed to keep them warm.
 **Blue bird info courtesy of BAN....Bluebirds across Nebraska
I can't believe how fast they are'll be no time and they'll be flying around the ranch.
Have a great friday....

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Thursday, May 10

Baby Blue Birds...

Here are a couple of shots of the baby bluebirds... I try not to peek for long, just open the box and shoot!!  Hopefully, as they get a little older and bigger my shots will be better. Mom and dad are always nearby and they seem to enjoy meal worms delivered to their doorstep!! 
Off to work on my new water feature in the flower garden... 

Day 1
Little fuzzy heads

I'll need to rearrange the grass in the nest for a better look...
 Day 2
...covered with  very fine hair...

Tuesday, May 8

Come take a walk with me...

 This is how the blue bird nest looked this morning when I checked....4  babies, one to go!!

 My flower garden/bird feeder area was a flutter all day...

Mrs. C. waiting for a chance at the feeder...

 Mr. C. being his usual flighty self..

 My new solar yard ornament

 Mr. O. has friends....I have 3 male orioles now!!
Wonder when the gals are going to show up??!!

I know this vine isn't an herb, but it looks good in this container...

As of late this afternoon all of the bluebird eggs have to wait 16-21 days til they fledge.  Research tells me that I can continue to "spy" on them until around day 13, after that there is a strong possibility that I could cause a premature fledge by peeking. I will need to make my photo ops quick!! Late this afternoon when I checked a couple of them gaped at me....thought I was momma bringing  them a meal worm!!  What an amazing experience to watch these little birds. Can't wait til they get their blue feathers!!