Tuesday, May 15

Blue Birds...Day 5,6,& 7

Here are some shots from the past 3 days...
 this way you can see their rapid growth!!

Day 5

Day 6
tiny little feathers bursting from the tips of the sheaths
you can also see the tiny slits on the eye.

Day 7
finally can count all 5 heads....
they hardly react when I open the box,
think that's called a meal worm coma! 
Other bird eggs...
4 eggs in another bluebird box, but these eggs belong to a tree swallow

don't know who this nest belongs to as I found it this a.m.
The engineering is amazing as the bird has used lots of seeds from the cottonwood trees to pad the nest.
 I think it looks pretty comfy!!


  1. That last nest does look comfy. I love all the pictures of the birds too.

  2. that last nest looks like a comfy down pillow. :)

  3. Hi, Love seeing the babies growing and developing. We checked the other day and there were two babies with two eggs left. This afternoon I'll have hubby take down the flower pot and we'll take photos. I just don't want to bother them too much. I know they'll be back again next spring.
    It's simply wonderful!
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  4. that last nest is amazing, and those are the cutest ugliest little birds ever.

  5. Your pictures are amazing! The detail you can see on the babies is awesome and I just love the other nests. I love the feathers around the tree swallow nest. It looks so whimsical! :-)

  6. those little blue birds are amazing! I love the last photo of them! The swallow feathers on their nest are pretty. That last nest looks like something I would want to curl up in! I can't wait to see who it belongs to! It is so AWESOME as is this entire post!


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