Monday, May 14

Photo Dump 5.12.12

Hi everyone, 
I had a great weekend! Yesterday was not only Mother's Day, but also my 50 something birthday. I haven't had an opportunity to download ALL the photos I took and I gotta work today, so they will be posted in the near future. Don't worry I've got baby Blue Bird shots to share too!!

Here's last weeks photo dump...make it a great monday

The boys went scrappin, I played in the dirt, planted pretty petunias,
chubby little finch, new lawn ornament,
a reflection of Gracie, looking forward to raspberries, Schatzie blew bubbles,
 Gracie looked for frogs and birthday cupcakes for me!!

We Explored, Dreamed and Discovered!!
How about YOU??


  1. awesome, val! happy birthday to you!!!

  2. Great shots! I hope you had a great 50 something birthday!

  3. LOVE the shadow shot of the 8 paws

  4. Happy Birthday! I wish you could have celebrated in Hawaii!

    Great reflection shot by the way.

  5. Hi Val, So sorry I missed your birthday; happy belated Birthday-hope you have many many more.
    Love your collage and love your heart girl. We're still settling in, Hunter whines whenever I'm away even though hubby tries to play and love on him.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Love the reflection! Happy Birthday to you VAl!!!


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