Tuesday, December 9

Who is on the Naughty List....

Well it seems some dog is tired of her restricted activity. The Girlz received their Christmas gifts from their Florida gramma today. Gracie dove into the box and found her rabbit and Schatzie got the duck. In a manner of 5 minutes the duck had lost his head and bill. Schatzie has never been my destroyer dog so this behavior was totally unexpected. I guess she's tired of house arrest and this was the way to show her disapproval. Poor Duck!  By the way Gracie the Demo dogs rabbit is still in tack and even squeaks! Shaking my head........

Friday, December 5

And we're walking.....

Not the greatest photo, but our girl is happy to be out walking again. She's doing about 2 blocks now. A far cry from the 3-4 miles her sister is doing daily,but we are so pleased. 4 weeks down, 4 to go. 

Schatzie had her last laser treatment this morning. We've been given the green light for a bath and swimming!!! She is a Happy Shepherd and I'm a happy dog mom. 

Happy Aloha Friday!!

Tuesday, December 2

She was more than ONE....

Early today I received some sad and disturbing news. ONE of the monk seal pups that I, along with other volunteers helped to monitor this past summer was found dead on a Kauai beach.  Late this summer this little seal (at 5 weeks of age) survived a vicious dog attack only to be "attacked" again by someone using a rock. The necropsy revealed that the little female seals skull was crushed. A perfectly healthy 5 month old seals life was ended by blunt force trauma . You see, this little seal was a future momma, a seal that could have produced up to a dozen or more offspring in her lifetime. Now we shall never observe her on her birth beach with her own pups. ONE seal that could have made a huge impact on the survival of these critically endangered mammals.  Now Gone.

She was so much more than ONE...
RF58---found dead 11/30/14 
Rest in peace little one, rest in peace.

Tuesday, November 25

Staples and Laser...

Schatzie had her 3rd post op appointment today. They removed the remaining 7 staples and administered another laser treatment. The Doctor is pleased with her progress and noted the her left rear leg is now bearing her full weight. Yay Schatzie!! We still need to be cautious with all of her activity as the knee will not be fully healing for another 6-7 weeks. 
We can now begin short walks ( on leashh of course) This will make her HAPPY! 
I think I will now be able to sleep in a regular bed again. WooHoo. 

The first photo shows Joey the office cat in the hallway....he rules the roost!! 

Schatzie getting her laser treatment.