Wednesday, April 18

Historic Kauai Flood--Day #3

We actually had sunshine today, which helped the morale of those "playing" in the mud. I'll let the photos tell the rest of today's story.  Thanks to all that have called, text, brought food and given donations for flood relief.  Our little island has a long road ahead and knowing people are praying for us gives us strength.
The morning colors made me think of the old saying "red sky in morning, sailor take warning."
The forecast is for heavy rains beginning Thursday.

Our little neighborhood was featured on the local morning  news.

Our washer and dryer were victims of the storm, I spent time at the Laundromat. 

Ron's tools take a WD40 bath

The house is a bit cozy

A path cleared to Darin's cottage

Back side our home

This area normally looks like a grassy park...It's all river rock now.

The river with King Kong in the background.
Hoping tomorrow's  weather forecast is WRONG.

Tuesday, April 17

Eco-Warrior friends.....

Barbara and Heather---Eco Warriors, friends and my Heroes!!!

Not only do they do beach cleanups they help friends in need. Heather and Barbara mudded thru our road to take a load of our flood debris to the dump. Barbara (Kauai Surfrider Queen) has assigned 1/2 of the Surfrider crew to help with our little neighborhood cleanup on Saturday. Both of these ladies are always thinking of others first....blessed to have them as friends.

Monday, April 16

Kauai Flood...

Our beautiful Kauai is deeply wounded. Our favorite beach area in Hanalei is a disaster and hardly recognizable, in fact the entire north shore of Kauai is a mess. The following are photos of  the damage at our home and neighborhood caused by 32 inches of rain on the island in less than 48 hours.  Both our cars were totaled, fortunately the rest of our damage is minimal. Cleanup is going take time.  We are both exhausted and praying for relief from the rains. Thanks for checking in--please continue to keep us and our Kauai Ohana in your thoughts and prayers as they are predicting more rain beginning Wednesday . 
Val and Ron

Our beach car floated off and got caught on a fence row, our landlord's car traveled
the same line but continued on to the river and finally landing in Anahola Bay.

The lanai view of the back yard.

The water is running at over 4 feet in this shot

Trees and brown water

Our escape...somehow it didn't float away, but totaled :(

The water as it was receding.

Beach car

disconnecting battery so horn won't honk

The hood

You can see the high water line

New blue rain boots!!

Notice car on the neighbor's stairs

Inside the escape

Found my turkey

shoots....Monk seal ornament

Sunday, April 15


The island of Kauai experienced 27.5 inches of rain in less than 24 hr.  We live in the river bottom and experienced a flash flood this a.m. The water rose from just inches to over 4 feet in a matter of minutes. We lost our 2 cars and various other stuff. We are fine as our house is on stilts.  The project more rain tonight so we evacuated. I will post more when we have better internet connection.


The Beautiful Liliko`i Blossom...

Yesterday I complained about all of our rain, but rain bring flowers.  In a few months we will enjoy the tart yellow liliko`i fruit in drinks and desserts.  The flower itself is also used for medicinal properties, a lovely herbal tea to help relieve anxiety.  Have you tried liliko`i??

Saturday, April 14

The Weather in Paradise

Our local meteorologists claim the Hawaii Islands as having the greatest weather on the planet. Well,  as I type this post the fifth flash flood warning has sounded since 4 a.m. Since Christmas we have experienced gray, cloudy and very rainy weather here on Kauai.   Tans have faded, the tourist are crabby and the traffic is horrendous.  I have a friend who has collected over 50 inches of rain since the beginning of the year.  We do live at the base of  one of the rainiest spots in the world, (averaging over 450 inches annually) so I can only imagine what has been dropped at the summit of our island thus far.  I not complaining, but I sure would like to see some sunshine soon, after all I am solar powered. Maybe tomorrow we'll be back to the greatest weather on the planet.

Here's some photos of our current "greatest weather" on the planet.