Friday, October 24

Checking it out....

I had a wellness appointment today with my new veterinary. Here you see me checking out all the reading material while waiting to see the dogtor. I'm happy to report that I'm in great physical conditon, my weight is perfect and I preformed a number of tricks for the office staff. It all paid off cuz I hit the mother load of treats at the end.  Happy weekend everybody. 

Love,  Gracie 

Friday, October 17

Found myself....

at the end of the road at the end of the day! Not a bad place to be......

Wednesday, October 8

In the News...

The beginning of the Blood Moon eclipse last night...
They say our Trade Winds are returning...
There's big surf on its way...
But the
Best News
Schatzie's blood work came back with NO PROBLEMS indicated,
everything well within the normal perimeters.
(may have been a issue with the machine)
 guess I didn't need all that lost sleep last week anyway!


Monday, October 6


 Fall has arrived. The waves are increasing in both strength and height, the beach front is shrinking, daylight is dwindling. Dozens of surfers now dot the horizon waiting for their big waves. The lingo on the beach is different. You now hear that was "rippin", that wave was "double over head", surfers are "amped", and choosing between that 6'3 board or going with the 5'4. It's life on the North Shore in the winter. I will continue to do my paddle board. However, I will be cruising the Hanalei River where the water is flat, after all, I'm a bit "clucked" of those big waves. 
Yes, fall has come to the Bay.

P.S. no news on Schatzie's lab results....we continue to WAIT!

Tuesday, September 30

We're on Hold....

I thought that I would be telling you all about Schatzie's surgery and her homecoming during this post, but as luck would have it the story has taken an unexpected turn.

I dropped Schatzie off at the animal hospital around 9 this morning, filled out the necessary paperwork (which included permission to do a basic blood work panel) and kissed her goodbye. I drove away with great intentions of getting a number of things accomplished before her return home later this afternoon.  I needed to do "dog" laundry, she had to have clean bedding; had to get a new kong  for her rehab entertainment and then rush home to get the newly purchased XL crate assembled for our patient. Lots needed to be done!

I was at the laundry mat when hubby shot me a text asking if I'd heard anything yet (it was noon) Told him no, and I'd be home shortly. Two minutes later the vet called and told me that they had run into some issues with Schatzie's blood work. There were 2 issues of concern. #1 Her white blood cell count was well above the "norm"(like off the charts) meaning that she has some sort of serious infection going on and #2 her red blood platelet count was extremely low and if she had surgery she could bled out. Thank goodness I agreed to the blood panel work up!! So, no ACL surgery was happening today.

Instead, Schatzie remained at the vet until 4:00 under going more blood work that is being sent off island for analysis.  Those results will not be available until Friday or possibly next Monday.  Dr. Bryce also did a more complex physical exam and he found no unusual lumps or bumps. He stated that he felt Schatzie appears to be in excellent physical condition (besides the bum ACL and right hip stuff) He is leaning toward a possible tick bite that may be causing the infection. He said she may have gotten this bite a year ago and is just carrying the "infection" or it may be a auto immune disorder--meaning her body is attacking her red blood platelets. Hopefully the blood work will pinpoint what the exact issue is and then we can address it with proper treatment.

Until we can get this infection under control Schatzie cannot have her ACL repaired. We will continue to keep her "quiet" and allow the knee to heal until surgery can be done. Schatzie is home resting on her bed, poor thing is exhausted from the whole ordeal.
Thanks to all that have sent good thoughts and prayers, it is much appreciated.

Now we practice the "WAIT" command.


Saturday, September 27

Not what we thought...

The night before last I was stirred out of a deep sleep and the voice in my head was telling me that we needed to take Schatzie to the vet. Something was telling me it wasn't just her hip dysplasia, it was more.  I could hardly wait until the vet office opened to make an appointment. We arrived at 10 for news I wasn't expecting.  After a thorough examine by Dr. Pat, he announced, "she's got a torn ACL". My heart melted, as I now know how she had got the injury. 10 days ago we had a brief rain shower and Schatzie was running up our stairs,(like normal) slipped and caught her leg in the open staircase. She whimpered but other than that showed no signs of injury until the major limp 5 days ago.
We have opted to do surgery and I will explain more about that at another time. So next Tuesday, Schatzie will have surgery to repair her injured ACL. We have chosen to do the least invasive surgery and Dr. Pat feels that we will have good results.
My head is spinning in trying to figure out how in the world I am going to keep this very active and extremely attentive German Shepherd calm and quiet for the next few months.
This is going to be interesting...

Stay tuned.  :/