Monday, June 6

Hello Red...

Referred to as the Brazilian Cardinal here in Hawaii and officially called a Red-Crested Cardinal, this little fellow sings and chirps his little heart out every morning as he waits for some cracked corn and sunflower seeds to be served.

Saturday, June 4

Day 11...PK2

It'd been a week since I observed the seal pup, so I  made the trek to the birth beach to find  PK2 growing like a weed and swimming like a much older seal . The gender is still unknown (but I still think it's a girl!!) So dang cute!!


Saturday, May 28

A late day hike....

Ron and I took a late day hike yesterday to see RK22 and her 4 day old pup, PK2. What a beautiful evening. We watched as the pup did some investigating of a morning glory vine, the albatross soared over head and the sky glowed as the sun set. 

If you are interested  in following PK2's daily adventures you can click Kauai Seals.  Here you will find daily (p)updates and photos from various volunteers (including myself) 


One of the albatross parents


Nice way to end the day.

**Please note all the photos taken of the seals and birds are taken with my Nikon CoolpixP600 with a 60x zoom. No animals/birds were disturbed during this adventure.

Once again here's the link for PK2's great adventures.  Kauai Seals

Wednesday, May 25

Meet the new Pup....


lunch time

RK22 (mom) and PK2

Known as PK2, gender unknown at this time, but we're hoping it's a girl!!

Sunday, May 22

Thursday, May 12

Watch me...

On a recent visit to the Kilauea Lighthouse, I spotted this Nene watching all the tourists
so, watch me Nene!!
P.S. Happy Birthday to my friend Barbara, I miss you!!