Sunday, May 1

Sunday Stew...

This past week you may have seen photos or maybe even the video of this seal all over the news. This is RK30, a 17 year old pregnant seal that was assaulted by a man on a Kauai Beach this last Tuesday evening.

This seal is Kauai's Sweetheart and most recognizable due to her past injuries, she can be found all over the island. She is a survivor- the scars you see in the photo were not from the most recent assault, but are battle scars from a rope entanglement around her neck, boat propeller marks, cookie cutter shark bites and a shark bite.   She's a wonderful momma, and in fact she is due to have her 8 pup any day!!  Fortunately, she and the pup were not harmed in the assault Tuesday.

On Thursday the 19 year old  man accused of harming RK30 was arrested. He could face up to 5 years in jail and a $50,000 fine. Hawaiian Monk Seals are endangered and are federally protected.

She is a survivor and a true Beauty to boot!!
Here are some other shots from the week...


Wednesday, April 27

Looking for PIP...

Off I go...
Tide was very low this morning.
It's been over 2 months since I've been out to the albatross chick site,
so today was a field trip to check up on them. 
When I arrived at the chick site,  I found this mound of fluff

right in the middle of an open area with absolutely no protection

All of a sudden a head popped up!!

It was Pip, covered in his soft downy coat.
 He waits patiently for his parents to return with his next protein enriched meal.
It was good to see him, just a couple more months and he'll be soaring the blue skies. 

I also spent some time picking up some marine debris and tiny shells.

I found this bottle treasure.
 It was a lovely day.
God is Good!!


Tuesday, April 26

It is well with my soul...

This photo is dedicated to my friends, Jane and Lynette.
 Mahalo for your encouraging words on last Saturday. 
God always knows the timing of our needs.

Monday, April 25

Now that's a BIG GULP!!!

Black-crowned Night Heron looking for breakfast
fresh  catch
lining it up.

Gulp and Stretch

all finished

Sunday, April 24

Sunday Stew...

A pinch of this and a dash of that...




Saturday, April 23

Earth Day 2016

My friend Ellen and I enjoyed exploring Moloa`a  Bay Ranch Costal Trail and tried our best to get to Kaakaanui Cove. A lovely day watching turtles and seabirds under Kauai's beautiful blue sky--
Earth Day at it's best!!
Moloa`a  Beach is also know as the location where they filmed the pilot for Gilligan's Island.
"Now this is a tale of our castaways"

sign says it all...

Here we go...

Ellen blazing the trail.

a look at Kaakaaui  Cove--so close yet so far...Cove is just around the corner,
lots of boulder hopping and a very steep descent from this cliff.

Ellen using the designated owner erected this fence,
 preventing us from easy access to Kaakaanui Cove.

this is what happens to barbed wire in salty air conditions
Can't really see them, but there were about a dozen green sea
turtles in the water doing whatever sea turtles do!!

small cairn

albatross overhead

Ellen watching the Frigate and Tropic Birds

Kauai Explorers with Kauai Coast in the background

On the way home I stopped at this "Tiny Home Bakery" just two blocks from
 the beach for some yummy bread to go with tonight's lasagna.