Tuesday, November 25

Staples and Laser...

Schatzie had her 3rd post op appointment today. They removed the remaining 7 staples and administered another laser treatment. The Doctor is pleased with her progress and noted the her left rear leg is now bearing her full weight. Yay Schatzie!! We still need to be cautious with all of her activity as the knee will not be fully healing for another 6-7 weeks. 
We can now begin short walks ( on leashh of course) This will make her HAPPY! 
I think I will now be able to sleep in a regular bed again. WooHoo. 

The first photo shows Joey the office cat in the hallway....he rules the roost!! 

Schatzie getting her laser treatment.

Monday, November 24

Catch a Wave...

Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world.  A few weeks ago Ron told me that he felt he was born to surf, after all he is a "California Boy". Making his dream a reality, riding the waves on Hanalei Bay.

Friday, November 21

One Week Post Surgery

Today marks one week since Schatzie's  canine cruciate ligament surgery. This past week Schatzie has had 2 laser therapy sessions, 2 adequan shots, multiple hot/cold packs and countless flexion and extension exercises. So far we have all survived and she is healing nicely. They removed the stitches today and will take the staples out at the next appointment. Still the most difficult task has been trying to keep a German Shepherd somewhat quiet. I am sure that situation will grow increasingly more difficult as she continues to heal. With a little luck I will be sleeping in a bed again soon, that pad on the floor seems to be getting thinner or maybe I'm just getting older!!
So here's my girl enjoying sometime on the lanai after her therapy session earlier today.

Monday, November 17

Tired little nurse....

Look who I found taking a snooze yesterday. Seems that all her nursing duties are wearing her out. 

Sunday, November 16

Day 3 --- Schatzie's Recovery

Recovery seems to be going well.  Our girl is back to her goofy self, minus the running around like a crazy dog. We have managed to keep her somewhat calm--well as calm as a German Shepherd Dog can be. 
Late yesterday she pooped!! I now know how all you moms out there feel after your child has had surgery or been ill. The poop says it all, she is on the road to recovery!! We also began flexion and extension therapy followed by ice treatment this morning.  She spent some time out on the lanai for some vitamin D and a change of scenery.

Here's Schatzie's take on the situation:

Hi, thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. I'm doing well.

My sister Gracie is a great nurse, never far from my side.

It's nice to be outside in the warm fresh air.

So far mom is proud, I haven't even tried to mess with my incision.

Paws crossed,
I'll be up and on all 4 paws before you know it, at least that's what mom hopes.