Saturday, May 26

Day 41...the day momma left

Today was the day, after 41 days of caring and nursing her pup, RK13 left in search of a seafood buffet.  Her job of giving her all to her beautiful pup was complete.  Our first Kauai pup is now a weaner!!

Nice and pump.....well done momma, well done!!

 I arrived at the site early this morning as the pair was playing and exploring the near shore waters.  A short time later the pair hauled out to rest.  RK13 would occasionally left her head to check on her silly pup blowing bubbles in a shallow tide pool. The tide was rising, I watched as mom changed her position, she was now faced toward the open water, she glanced over her shoulder to the pup and tried to make her exit. However her attentive pup realized mom was on the move and followed.  K13 vocalized a few times as the pair swirled around in the surf. I saw momma lift her head and give what would be her final was time for her to go.  PK1 swam intently looking for momma, but was unable to keep up.  Mom was gone and we now have a weaner!!

found her first toy as a weaner---a stick!!

so expressive
Mom and pup last hour together

right before mom left

Our sweet girl is all alone to face the world.  The next few weeks will be interesting for volunteers as they follow and try to keep up with our new ocean explorer. She'll soon have sea cucumber goo on her face, she'll play with coral, sticks and unfortunately probably find some marine debris, but all of that is part of a life of a monk seal weaner.  Momma has gone to find food, she gave her all to that chubby pup and now it's time  to focus on her nutrition (41 days without food is a long time) 
you can see mom has given her all, time to find some tako!!

In the next week or so our little girl will get her bling. As far as I know, she will have no name, she will known by her official NOAA id.
Sorry my photos are a bit washed out, taken facing the sun. Hopefully I've have some better shots tomorrow as my shift is later in the day and the sun will be behind me. 
What fun to watch as mom and pup went their separate ways...just the way nature planned it.

Want to give a shout out to Surfrider Kauai for their beach cleanup in the area today. 45 volunteers removed over 1100 pounds of marine debris....debris this little monk will not get herself into trouble with.
our future, this little guy helping clean our seal's beach

Thanks Surfrider

No seals allowed :)

our little monk is free from this debris

Tomorrow's a new day!!!
a hui hou 
Val :)
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Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day....

Happy Mother's Day Mom!! 
Thanks for all you've done for me, I love you!!!

Monday, May 7


Three weeks ago we watched our cars float away and prayed our lives would be spared due to the near 50 inches of rain that fell on our little island in a 24 hour period.  Today was much different. We took a little trek, enjoyed the sunshine and observed a momma monk seal and her 2 week old pup.  It's been a trying 3 weeks, but we are rebounding. We purchased "new" cars, the landlord replaced the washer and dryer (yay, no more Laundromat:) and the mud is finally drying up.
So sharing our afternoon of sunshine and seals. 


Sunday, April 22

Twinkling little diamonds.....

Many people come to Kauai to see our stunning NaPali coastline, dip their toes in pristine blue water, trek fantastic mountain trails, to fly over the canyon, view endangered species and listen to thunderous waterfalls.   However, the real beauty of this island shone like a diamond in the midst of the mud and dirty water this past week. That diamond is her people, from Kealia to Hanalei and beyond, the ALOHA spirit was in action.
Yesterday over 300 people came to our little neighborhood nestled in the Anahola Valley to help families that were devastated by last weeks flash flooding.   They were armed with rakes, shovels, chainsaws,  heavy equipment, muscles and a willingness to help. They came from all over the island, aging from toddlers to seniors, they came ready to work, get dirty and they came with smiles,  they came because they are OHANA.   
There were times yesterday we just had to sit with tear filled eyes as we watched the out pouring of love, it was all so overwhelming.  People you don't know coming to help in time of need. These folks helped move our "mountain" yesterday.

Again, thanks to those that called, text, stopped by, provided us shelter, loaned us a car, brought food, prayed, hugged us, sent gift cards and made flood relief donations we are incredibly blessed beyond measure.

Our Kauai OHANA and the Aloha spirit in action.