Saturday, May 19

Working like birds...

This afternoon I realized that I have just a few days before the little Blue Bird Brood flys the coop. I grabbed the camera and the canister of meal worms and sat in the yard to watch mom and pop Blue Bird work.

This is a Dogs Eye View of Blue Bird life...

Here's mom waiting for pop to leave the box so she can deliver the next course to the peeps...

Here is mom at the little feeder I have been placing a few extra meal worms a couple times a day.
Thus giving mom and dad a little break from the constant finding of feed.
I think I count 5 or 6 worms in her beak...

Love this shot...both mom and day at the box---notice mom is loaded with meal worms

Dad usually doesn't enter the box when he feeds, Find him hanging outside......but
he does an excellent job of fecal sac removal!!! Guess he knows that taking out the garbage is his job!!

Mom leaving the box after bringing home the worms!!
Day #11
Look tiny little blue feathers!!
Research says that by day #11 the nestlings are beginning to preen, also find them hopping and stretching to strengthen their muscles.  The males have bright blue feathers (so looks like at least 1 male :)  Tomorrow will be my last day of "peeking" at this brood. I will then continue to observe from a safe distance to ensure we don't have a premature fledging.

Check back tomorrow for my final inside the nesting box photos!!

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  1. awesome! you're so kind to give them meal worms to lessen their toils!

  2. The bird photos are amazing! But my favorite is the first one with the dog - great perspective!

  3. Hi there, Since I've been reading your posts about how often your mom & dad are feeding, I've watched ours and don't think they feed the little ones as much. Last year the parents were much more faithful. I'm going to post some pics today.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  4. They do love the meal worms, beautiful birds and wonderful photos.

  5. Awesome series of photos!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada

  6. Loved all your photos, particularly from a dog's perspective, very cute and cute pictures.

  7. Very nurturing!

    Come and see the cicada in my critter entry.

  8. Don't know how you captured pics inside the 'Bluebox'. They look heavenly and you have a wonderful eye.

    I'll be dropping by every now and again to see what else you've captured and shared.

  9. you have really helped mom and dad out! I bet they really appreciate it! They are just such pretty little birds! I can't believe how fast the babies are growing! this is one of my favorite series of posts!
    Have you heard anything about Molly? I miss seeing her and your pups. :)

  10. Thats an interesting post and so wonderful photos! What a good idea to give them meal worms. Love the dogs perspective :-)
    I had blue mice in my bird house, they flew out last week. There was always a big big noise when one parent bird came with food.

  11. These shots your getting are just amazing!


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