Sunday, May 20

Day #12

Since the end of March I have been monitoring the 3 blue bird boxes my hubby made this winter.  I was thrilled that just one week after we placed them I had a beautiful little pair claiming one of the boxes. The best part was, it was the box just outside my kitchen window!! Since bluebirds are somewhat threatened (the biggest threat being the house wren!!) it is important that the boxes are monitored closely. I took my "job" seriously checking on my little  friends every couple days until I was pleasantly surprised on April 22 with a tiny blue egg in the nest....GAME ON!! for the next four days another egg was added to the nest daily. On May 7, the first of 5 chicks hatched...the rest hatched on May 8.  For the past 12 days I have peeked on the nestling daily, if you go back to some of my past posts you will see how quickly they have grown.
more bright blue feathers....looks like maybe another male...

this is one packed house!!
Today marks my last day of peeking inside the nesting box to monitor the nestlings." BAN " BlueBirds across Nebraska suggest discontinuing box monitoring  at day 13 to prevent premature fledging.

Some have asked how I got the shots inside the box...fortunately hubby made the boxes so that they flipped up in front allowing just enough room to use my point and shoot camera on the closeup setting. Today's shots aren't the best as the nestlings are getting so big I can't get the camera in the correct position without disturbing you get what you see.
the door flipped open---sorry it's blurry, mom and pop were
getting a bit impatient with me and all the photo taking, so tried to do it quickly

a packed house and alot of poop on the walls !!
BlueBirds are very social and seem to like interacting with people, probably doesn't hurt that I supplied them with a healthy helping of meal worms daily.  BAN states that they will probably fledge at day 17...and most likely will all fledge at the same time.  Mom and Pop Bluebird will take them out and about and show them the ropes. I am sure we will continue to see them around as I will continue to provide a few meal worms for the first few days.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this part of the Blue Bird journey with me....
it 's been fun sharing with you and it's one of those things
 that has made me say WOW!!

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  1. I love that last shot of the nest! How great to see the blue feathers coming on them!

  2. they are growing up so quickly, i love the blue of the little male.


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