Monday, May 28

I Spy...

just before sunset I found our little Blue Bird family.....can you find all 5 babies???

 how about now???

 wonder what the little one on the right is looking up at???

Mom and dad are still busy feeding them. I was  pleased to see all 5 of the babies doing well...


  1. Glad they all are there. Must feel right at home.

  2. Bluebirds....what a cheery way to end my night. I love the babies and watching them as the experiment on each branch right before they try their first flight.

    Such a beautiful blue

  3. so sweet, i had to really hunt to find them, they are perfectly camouflaged.

  4. What great shots of the babies! I sure hope they all stay safe. I find myself cheering them on!

  5. I can't read their "tags". They're weaned so you better get after them!!! Hugs from Molokai

  6. They're beautiful! It's amazing how fast they grew! I bet mom and dad are really busy trying to keep five fed!
    Glad you enjoyed the Mallard ducklings. My son walked down and checked on them today and they're doing very well. :)

  7. That first shot was a tough find!

  8. I can't believe how time has flown. It seems like your bluebirds just built the nest yesterday!

    Congrats on spotting them. I hope that you get to see the family lots in the coming weeks.

    Our birds are just starting to claim nest sites. We are so far behind you!


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