Sunday, May 27

Bye, Bye...Birdies!!!!

After watching the bluebird box for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and seeing little activity, I mustered up the courage to peek inside the box.  I knew what I would probably find---an empty box!! All that remained was a flattened nest and  alot of poop all over the walls. The little family of five had fledged and they didn't even say good-bye. I will now look forward to mom and pop bringing the young ones to the bird bath area for me to observe. 

 This afternoon I cleared out the old nest and gave the inside a good cleaning. 
I left the door open to allow it to dry out.

Shortly after I put it all back together, I saw Poppa Blue Bird investigating the box. He took a quick peek inside and flew off...I'm thinking he went to tell momma the house is 
all cleaned up and ready for the next brood....
Wonder how she reacted???

 I leave you with this photo and thought......
"Going to the woods is going home" 
John Muir

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  1. i feel the same way John Muir does. beautiful photo above it. such a cozy nest they built. i to wonder what mama thought about the clean box.

  2. Awwwe! It must be a bittersweet feeling seeing them gone. Hopefuloly you will see them at the bird bath area though. that last picture is beautiful!

  3. I hope we see them at your bird bath. :) Daddy was probably thinking this is quickest cleaning service ever! LOL Love your pics!
    My Mama Mallard's eggs hatched yesterday late afternoon and she took them to the water early this morning. :)

  4. beautiful perfect :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters.


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