Friday, May 11

Blue Birds...Day #3

They are growing like weeds.Mom and dad are nearby ready to bring a lovely meal worm dinner to the brood. Right now they weigh about 1/3 of an ounce. Eyes are still closed. The nestilings (that's what they are called at this stage) are unable to regulate their body temperature for the first 6 momma is needed to keep them warm.
 **Blue bird info courtesy of BAN....Bluebirds across Nebraska
I can't believe how fast they are'll be no time and they'll be flying around the ranch.
Have a great friday....

Explore, Dream, Discover....


  1. That's a nice close up shot! and I'm sorry but those are some ugly birds right now! LOL

  2. Love this Val. You got a wonderful shot; I'm trying to leave ours alone for now-give them a few more days and I'll have the camera out there.
    Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
    Love your "Explore, Dream, Discover" too.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. they are changing moment by moment

  4. My gosh! They sure are growing fast! How great to see!

  5. this is so special! I'm so happy you're sharing this with us! they are so ugly they're cute!


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