Tuesday, May 8

Come take a walk with me...

 This is how the blue bird nest looked this morning when I checked....4  babies, one to go!!

 My flower garden/bird feeder area was a flutter all day...

Mrs. C. waiting for a chance at the feeder...

 Mr. C. being his usual flighty self..

 My new solar yard ornament

 Mr. O. has friends....I have 3 male orioles now!!
Wonder when the gals are going to show up??!!

I know this vine isn't an herb, but it looks good in this container...

As of late this afternoon all of the bluebird eggs have hatched....now to wait 16-21 days til they fledge.  Research tells me that I can continue to "spy" on them until around day 13, after that there is a strong possibility that I could cause a premature fledge by peeking. I will need to make my photo ops quick!! Late this afternoon when I checked a couple of them gaped at me....thought I was momma bringing  them a meal worm!!  What an amazing experience to watch these little birds. Can't wait til they get their blue feathers!!


  1. What a great experience. And what a beautiful place for all the birdies.

  2. mrs c is so sweet and so are the babies. i love the container the vine isin and would be happy with it with or without the vine.

  3. I love watching the bluebird family with you. It's so exciting! Your flower garden is so pretty. If I were a bird I would definitely live near by! Cardinals are my Grandma's favorite bird. Probably mine too. Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Those babies are so cute! Great pictures! I love your garden/bird feeder area! :)

  5. Hi there, I have one baby bird that has hatched-so love them. Yours are so cute. Love your yard my friend. Wish we lived near each other.
    Hugs today.

  6. I love those naked bluebirds!!! It'll be fun to follow them.

    I found a nest of Townsend Solitaires last year, and it was amazing to see how fast they transformed from pink naked birds to feathered beauties.

  7. You're going to go broke filling all of those bird feeders! LOL


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