Monday, May 7

Once again...

Once again it's the little things in life that bring me the most joy....
After work today hubby and I stopped by our favorite home improvement store for a couple of things. I've been wanting to put in a water feature in my flowerbed/bird feeding area so I needed some sort of water containment vessel. So we picked up a half whiskey barrel liner for the water feature, a cool solar light and a tiny trailing plant for a small planter. I'm to decide where it all will go.....I always have to place items in the garden then go inside the house to view it from my kitchen window before permanent placement is made.  You know it just has to be right!!
 I  placed the barrel liner in its future spot.  I passed by the oriole feeder and noticed it was nearly empty--the grape jelly had  become diluted in the recent rains...I needed to refill it. I  returned to the kitchen and looked out the window and to my surprise saw Mr. Oriole perched on the feeder sucking up whatever was remaining in the shallow feeder. WOOHOO!!! I had seen Mr.O for the last week but nowhere near the feeder, I was thrilled!! I waited til he finished, grabbed the grape jelly, my camera and the meal worms for the blue birds and made my way back to the feeder.  Just moments after refilling the feeder he was BACK!! So, I think he's found the grape jelly buffet.

 Now I mentioned I also grabbed the meal worms. It had been several days since I had checked the bluebird eggs. According to my calculations they should be hatching sometime this week. I dumped a few worms in their feeder and then carefully opened the box and I found one teeny tiny baby bluebird!! Can I get another WOOHOO!!  Quietly though, he's sleeping...LOL  One hatched, four to go!!
So.... see it's the little things that give me joy!! Told my hubby I don't need a big house, fancy cars or jewels I've got a backyard full of cool stuff. Better get my stalker tent up again, there's lots happening in the hood!!

Explore,Dream, Discover


  1. You are rich beyond dreams, that is for sure.

  2. Woooohoooo!! That Oriole picture is awesome but the baby pic....fantastic!

  3. WooHoo!!! The baby blue bird is so cool! I Love nature!

  4. i agree with goose, rich beyond dreams, i am the same way, my back yard is my entertainment and of course my blog post fodder. i love the bird eating jelly.

  5. Val, You always make me smile because the same things bring us joy. Love seeing your Oriole; we many get finches, sparrows and blackbirds plus Grackles. I'm so afraid of putting up feeders for fear the Grackles will kill the smaller birds again-I just can't handle a dozen dead birds on my lawn. I actually need to research Humming Birds and see if larger birds kill them too-if not I'll put up a feeder.
    Sending lots of love to you today.
    Noreen & Hunter


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