Monday, January 30

My blondes...

We spent most of the day outside enjoying the 70 degree temps (in Jan.) 
It was a glorious day to be a dog!!


I am so grateful that I am a morning person...
God does some awesome painting before sunrise!!

Sunday, January 29

Not just ONE....

A few weeks ago I asked hubby if he would build me a blue bird house to put out on the ranch. I observed a number of bluebirds last spring and late last fall, so we've got them here!! After our conversation, we were visiting our favorite home improvement store and hit the "bird" section. We examined the bluebird houses and even took a few photos. The price tag on those houses made us think we could build them for less, plus use up some of the scrap wood we have in the shop. I did some surfing and found a couple of  sites that gave details for constructing our own bluebird houses.  Research tells me that for our area the houses should be in place the first part of March (hubby's going to be away working then)so the houses needed to be constructed soon....
I was thrilled when I went out to the shop late yesterday afternoon and found this...

all ready to be assembled 

the master at work

not just one...
 or two...

 but, three, yes I said THREE...beautiful bluebird houses ready to be stained,
 then hung up waiting  for our little bluebirds arrival!!
Need I say--Hurry UP Spring!

1000 Mile Challenge Update
Week 4~~~ 32 miles 
912.5 to go!!

Saturday, January 28

Don't know about you...

Well, I don't know about any of you, but I have been feeling kinda blue lately~~~thus the lack of blogging posts.  I am in need of a weather change~~maybe a blizzard or better yet fast forward to spring.  Our winter here in Nebraska has been so mild, so I have been out and about on the ranch with the girlz a lot. However, everything is just dry and brown...cloudy days and a bit boring...and  it's just a little too soon to begin any outside projects.  Everything looks the same to me, so I haven't even grabbed the camera cuz I think all my photos would appear the same. :(
My gal pal Diane from Molokai sent me a wonderful photo yesterday. It has lifted my spirits.  It's of a female monk seal that she was trying to identify....well actually I think the seal was playing peek-a-boo with  Diane . This seal is probably  RW30-31 (her science id) but we know her as "Little Girl." She was the very first seal I became involved with while living on Molokai. She is just the sweetest thing, giving me many reasons to smile and induced a number of great laughs.  Diane and I spent many hours walking the beach in search of these beautiful animals. We were able to talk about anything, everything or just enjoy the silence and the beauty around us.  I miss those treks, I miss my friend!!
 Thanks Diane for this awesome photo of RW30.

Sunday, January 22

Challenge update...

Say Good Night Gracie!!

Today was day #22 of my 1000 mile walking challenge. Gotta say I have enjoyed getting out and logging the miles. So, as of yesterday, I have managed to trek 55.54 miles(25 miles this week)!!  I have found more energy and  lost most of my Christmas pudginess--in other words that "muffin top" is shrinking.  Think the girlz are looking pretty lean and mean too! We spend an hour walking together in the evening and about 40 minutes in the morning. It's peaceful and I so enjoy watching their athleticism, the power of their noses and just the pure joy of being together as a pack. The best part~~3 big dogs snoring like lumberjacks at the end of the day, now that makes for a happy furkid mom!!
It's back to dental world tomorrow.
Hope you have a great week

Good night Gracie :)

Friday, January 20

Wanted to share...

I have wanted to share this for some time. The link is to National Geographic Photographer, Dewitt Jones. He lives on the island of Molokai, (in fact he lived just down the road from us) Unfortunately, I have not met him personally, but I feel as though I know him like a good friend. He does some amazing  photos of "everyday life" and he loves to share!!!  He is on Facebook too! He tries to post a photo everyday, most of his wonderful shots are taken with his i-phone! So please take a few moments and check out his work here...Celebrate What's Right with the World  click on the word Celebrate  then click on sign up to receiver these photographs you don't have to subscribe unless you want, this just allows you to view his beautiful photos.   I think you will love his work!
This is the photo he posted on his facebook page today.  
Dewitt writes---"O.K., I know I said I wanted to ride in the back, but we're going really fast now...and I'm getting a little scared. I really think you ought to SLOW DOWN a bit!! I'm just saying...! I mean somebody could get hurt!!"    
**According to Dewitt  the truck was actually parked and the dog  wasn't going anywhere. He added the blur to get the look and the great story!!
Happy Friday everyone...

Monday, January 16

A little excitement....

We got home from work early today, so I took the girlz for a walk.  Click here to see what kind of excitement we encountered!!
Thanks for all the comments of concern for my friends and family after yesterdays post. It means a lot to me.

Every morning that you wake up
is another chance to 
Get it Right!! 
  I shall try again tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 15

A week of valleys...

It's been a week of  valleys for me. Mid week I learned of a friends 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer that had to be put down due to a "flipped stomach" I have learned that this is a common condition in this breed and while they could have done surgery, the success rate was less than 50% and the risk of the condition happening while my friend was at work was more than she could bare. So, I grieve with my friend.

The second valley has been the news of my cousin(54yrs) being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent a 6 hour surgery and is now waiting to begin her chemo and radiation treatments. My heart is heavy and ask you to add her to your prayer list. Unfortunately this cancer is often undetected until the later stages, I pray that it is not the case in this situation, however, I will pray for healing and comfort for her and her family at this time.

The last valley is I just got word about a friend who has been in a car accident. Her hubby is on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic and is trying to make his way home to be with her. I don't know any details, just know she and her family need prayers.

On a lighter note I logged 18.28 miles this week,  reducing my remaining mileage to 969.46~~woohoo!

Tuesday, January 10

1000 miles....

1000 miles~~~One of my goals for 2012 is to log the miles that the girlz and I walk everyday.  Figured that if we walk approximately 2.75 miles per day we will reach the 1000 miles.Of course the girlz will actually "walk" more than 1000, but I don't know how I can accurately measure their distances, so we'll just got with my mileage!!
So far...week #1-- 12.53 miles~~only 987.47 to go.
I will post our mileage every saturday.

Sunday, January 8

So what are you girlz watching?

are you watching a deer???

or perhaps it's a rabbit???

No mum, we've been watching this hawk!!

Random shots of saturday...

Yesterday began with a walkabout the ranch with the girlz. The weather has been so mild here in Nebraska this winter you would think we live in a southern state and not the midwest.  I was finally able to take some photos on the walk, since Molly is now able to run free for a portion of the trek. I had intended to take shots of the girlz, but was captivated by some of the small things I have been missing the past few months due to having a 55 lb. lab requiring both of my hands.  Funny how it was Gracie that influenced me to pause and LOOK...(dogs are so smart!!)

 The remnants of the summer's sunflowers

 so many nests
some loose fitting
some tightly woven
 some high in the tree

 Later in the day we went in search of firewood...
Love these little calves peaceful

Tool of the day

This little guy came out of the bushes, we were far from any farm house...

thorns of the locust tree....ouch!

Cedar Berries 
loaded with wood for NEXT year!!

Friday, January 6

all about K....

Today I am linking you to another blog which I found a few weeks ago. The chocolate lab in the blog is named K and she has cancer.  For the past few days she has been undergoing radiation/chemo treatments. Please take some time to hop over there and read this amazing story. You will also experience some awesome trail cam shots of wildlife in the Rockies.
Click on  Learn more about K

Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, January 5

To the Rescue again....

Yesterday after a full day of work at the dental clinic and bowling league last night I walked into the house at 10 p.m. to find a towel covering something on the carpet.... Hmmmm, whatever could it be?!?!??
First thought was somebody had an a removed the towel I found a HUGE reddish purple stain. That's when Ron said, the girlz knocked over a large glass of cranberry juice that was on the table next to his recliner. Okay....his next statement was "that'll NEVER come out."  I jumped on the internet and found the magic recipe for carpet stain removal....

Once again  Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda have become my MOST favorite cleaning solutions. For those of you that have been following this blog for awhile know that hydrogen peroxide and baking soda were very instrumental in removing the skunk smell from my house, Gracie and Schatzie last fall. Anyhow, I soaked the carpet with the H2O2 (love listening to the bubbles work) and then sprinkled baking soda on the area, waited a few minutes, did a warm water rinse and like magic the stain was gone!!!
So, don't ever say NEVER when battling a stain, try the peroxide and soda!!

Monday, January 2

Still on track...

I had planned to share some other thoughts and shots today but when I finished exercising, I found Miss Gracie "snug as a bug" in her bed.  So, Gracie's resolution of more rest in 2012 is still in tack.

Sunday, January 1

Take it from Gracie....

 Gracie has decided to share one 
of her New Years Resolutions...

You guessed it...Rest...chill out!!