Sunday, January 29

Not just ONE....

A few weeks ago I asked hubby if he would build me a blue bird house to put out on the ranch. I observed a number of bluebirds last spring and late last fall, so we've got them here!! After our conversation, we were visiting our favorite home improvement store and hit the "bird" section. We examined the bluebird houses and even took a few photos. The price tag on those houses made us think we could build them for less, plus use up some of the scrap wood we have in the shop. I did some surfing and found a couple of  sites that gave details for constructing our own bluebird houses.  Research tells me that for our area the houses should be in place the first part of March (hubby's going to be away working then)so the houses needed to be constructed soon....
I was thrilled when I went out to the shop late yesterday afternoon and found this...

all ready to be assembled 

the master at work

not just one...
 or two...

 but, three, yes I said THREE...beautiful bluebird houses ready to be stained,
 then hung up waiting  for our little bluebirds arrival!!
Need I say--Hurry UP Spring!

1000 Mile Challenge Update
Week 4~~~ 32 miles 
912.5 to go!!


  1. awesome houses! i probably need to add a few more houses around here before the birds start an early spring!

  2. Great birdie houses! That's so nice and thoughtful. We're going to make some squirrel boxes. :)

  3. that is awesome...congrats on the go girl...

  4. Cool!!! We did exactly the same thing a few years ago... but the squirrels keep attacking our boxes. I hope, for your sake, that you don't have lots of squirrels around. Otherwise, those boxes will end up covered in sheet metal and other deterrents :)

    What a fun way to get ready for spring!

  5. i hope all 3 have nests in them quickly and lots of baby blue birds to snap photos of for us to see. i have never seen a bluebird except in photos. hubby did a fantastic job on these, they look professional to me.

  6. Hi all, I hope we have bluebird babies everywhere!!
    KB, we don't have any squirrels--80 acres and no squirrels. We will see if these houses bring them in.
    I'll have to post a photo of my new woodpecker feeder that hubby made too. I am so blessed. Have a great day everyone.


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