Saturday, January 28

Don't know about you...

Well, I don't know about any of you, but I have been feeling kinda blue lately~~~thus the lack of blogging posts.  I am in need of a weather change~~maybe a blizzard or better yet fast forward to spring.  Our winter here in Nebraska has been so mild, so I have been out and about on the ranch with the girlz a lot. However, everything is just dry and brown...cloudy days and a bit boring...and  it's just a little too soon to begin any outside projects.  Everything looks the same to me, so I haven't even grabbed the camera cuz I think all my photos would appear the same. :(
My gal pal Diane from Molokai sent me a wonderful photo yesterday. It has lifted my spirits.  It's of a female monk seal that she was trying to identify....well actually I think the seal was playing peek-a-boo with  Diane . This seal is probably  RW30-31 (her science id) but we know her as "Little Girl." She was the very first seal I became involved with while living on Molokai. She is just the sweetest thing, giving me many reasons to smile and induced a number of great laughs.  Diane and I spent many hours walking the beach in search of these beautiful animals. We were able to talk about anything, everything or just enjoy the silence and the beauty around us.  I miss those treks, I miss my friend!!
 Thanks Diane for this awesome photo of RW30.


  1. she is precious. the funny thing is i sent an email to two friends this morning and said have you ever gotten up and felt blue for no reason, everything is fine, our weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, and i got up with the blues, i felt like crying for NO Reason. I said my blog post are boring me and i don't even want to do one. one answered and said she was feeling blue because it has rained for 5 days straight. so i am thinking someone has put a Blue Virus out in blog land and we caught it.

  2. oh, this is so sweet! not only the seal, but the memories of days spent with your friend. 'sniff, sniff' :)

  3. Could her face be any! Adorable!!!
    February is around the corner and the blues will be gone! Forget about the outdoor weather. Just take pics of your fur babies. They're never boring!

  4. That is a wonderful photo. Wow - a monk seal!!!!

    I'm the same way. When I'm down, I take very few photos. Things just don't look as beautiful to me. I hope that the great monk seal photo got you smiling!


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