Sunday, January 22

Challenge update...

Say Good Night Gracie!!

Today was day #22 of my 1000 mile walking challenge. Gotta say I have enjoyed getting out and logging the miles. So, as of yesterday, I have managed to trek 55.54 miles(25 miles this week)!!  I have found more energy and  lost most of my Christmas pudginess--in other words that "muffin top" is shrinking.  Think the girlz are looking pretty lean and mean too! We spend an hour walking together in the evening and about 40 minutes in the morning. It's peaceful and I so enjoy watching their athleticism, the power of their noses and just the pure joy of being together as a pack. The best part~~3 big dogs snoring like lumberjacks at the end of the day, now that makes for a happy furkid mom!!
It's back to dental world tomorrow.
Hope you have a great week

Good night Gracie :)


  1. Great!!!!! I love walking with my dogs too so I totally understand. I also love how it leaves them so calm at the end of the day.

  2. That's terrific! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. i want to kiss gracie soooooo bad. so sweet and that is wonderful for them and you with all that walking. we like the sound of snoring peaceful dogs also. Jake is beside me on he sofa snoring loudly now from his morning ball game.

  4. LOVE Gracie's Beautiful face!!!!


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