Sunday, January 8

Random shots of saturday...

Yesterday began with a walkabout the ranch with the girlz. The weather has been so mild here in Nebraska this winter you would think we live in a southern state and not the midwest.  I was finally able to take some photos on the walk, since Molly is now able to run free for a portion of the trek. I had intended to take shots of the girlz, but was captivated by some of the small things I have been missing the past few months due to having a 55 lb. lab requiring both of my hands.  Funny how it was Gracie that influenced me to pause and LOOK...(dogs are so smart!!)

 The remnants of the summer's sunflowers

 so many nests
some loose fitting
some tightly woven
 some high in the tree

 Later in the day we went in search of firewood...
Love these little calves peaceful

Tool of the day

This little guy came out of the bushes, we were far from any farm house...

thorns of the locust tree....ouch!

Cedar Berries 
loaded with wood for NEXT year!!


  1. love your photos. looks like a beautiful day there too. :)

  2. awesome shots today, all of them. the calf made me laugh out loud, what a precious face and the peaceful shot made me want to be there. that is a really cool series of nests. beautiful post Val

  3. Oh my, I wish that we were making firewood for *next* year!!!! We are barely keeping up with this year!


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