Friday, January 6

all about K....

Today I am linking you to another blog which I found a few weeks ago. The chocolate lab in the blog is named K and she has cancer.  For the past few days she has been undergoing radiation/chemo treatments. Please take some time to hop over there and read this amazing story. You will also experience some awesome trail cam shots of wildlife in the Rockies.
Click on  Learn more about K

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Val, Thank you so very much. I've been reeling for the past two weeks but the support from you and others has been amazing. Thanks so much, KB.

  2. our sun is coming up right now, waiting for it to hit us and warm us up a little. this is a beautiful sunrise/sunset.

  3. That was such a nice post to send bloggers over to K and KB. This is a very hard time for them. It is cool how they both keep each other lifted up in spirits though.


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