Sunday, January 15

A week of valleys...

It's been a week of  valleys for me. Mid week I learned of a friends 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer that had to be put down due to a "flipped stomach" I have learned that this is a common condition in this breed and while they could have done surgery, the success rate was less than 50% and the risk of the condition happening while my friend was at work was more than she could bare. So, I grieve with my friend.

The second valley has been the news of my cousin(54yrs) being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent a 6 hour surgery and is now waiting to begin her chemo and radiation treatments. My heart is heavy and ask you to add her to your prayer list. Unfortunately this cancer is often undetected until the later stages, I pray that it is not the case in this situation, however, I will pray for healing and comfort for her and her family at this time.

The last valley is I just got word about a friend who has been in a car accident. Her hubby is on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic and is trying to make his way home to be with her. I don't know any details, just know she and her family need prayers.

On a lighter note I logged 18.28 miles this week,  reducing my remaining mileage to 969.46~~woohoo!


  1. sorry about the stresses and sorrows. i hate weeks like that!

  2. All of this is just sad. I'll keep this is my thoughts and prayers.

  3. so sorry your week had so much sorrow, i pray for you now that this week will be full of happiness.

  4. sending up prayers for all...way to go on the mileage...


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