Friday, January 20

Wanted to share...

I have wanted to share this for some time. The link is to National Geographic Photographer, Dewitt Jones. He lives on the island of Molokai, (in fact he lived just down the road from us) Unfortunately, I have not met him personally, but I feel as though I know him like a good friend. He does some amazing  photos of "everyday life" and he loves to share!!!  He is on Facebook too! He tries to post a photo everyday, most of his wonderful shots are taken with his i-phone! So please take a few moments and check out his work here...Celebrate What's Right with the World  click on the word Celebrate  then click on sign up to receiver these photographs you don't have to subscribe unless you want, this just allows you to view his beautiful photos.   I think you will love his work!
This is the photo he posted on his facebook page today.  
Dewitt writes---"O.K., I know I said I wanted to ride in the back, but we're going really fast now...and I'm getting a little scared. I really think you ought to SLOW DOWN a bit!! I'm just saying...! I mean somebody could get hurt!!"    
**According to Dewitt  the truck was actually parked and the dog  wasn't going anywhere. He added the blur to get the look and the great story!!
Happy Friday everyone...


  1. agree with T, very clever and soooo adorable.

  2. That's a great idea and one of the reasons he's a photographer for NG. :) Such a cute expression on that puppy dog's face.

  3. I have been a fan of Dewitt Jones for some time. The puppy is adorable.

  4. That is just awesome!! Great shot - the dog's expression is priceless!



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