Friday, December 30

Today is Schatzie's Day...

Five years ago today, Ron and I drove to South Dakota in an ice storm
 to pick up our little shepherd puppy.
Yep, today is Schatzie's Gotcha Day!!

 Happy Gotcha Day Schatzie

 Getting a baby sister flipped Gracie's  world upside down.

 Big Sister Gracie taught Schatzie how to go down stairs

 So regal...notice the big feet!!

Best of friends....somedays :)

pretty girl resting under a tree on Molokai

The Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal...

There are approximately 1200 Hawaiian Monk Seals and their population is declining at an alarming rate of 4% per year.  While there are only about 200 seals in the main Hawaiian Islands, they are doing least until the last few weeks when 3 seals were found DEAD.

A week or so ago I posted about a senseless animal killing (this is what I was referring to).  In the past month on the island of Molokai, 3 seals have been found dead. Two of these deaths have been ruled suspicious and are under investigation, after a necropsy on the 3rd seal, the cause of death was inconclusive.

I don't understand how or why anyone could kill/murder one of these beautiful animals. They spend most of their time snoozing on the beaches of Hawaii.  Unfortunately, some of the local fishermen believe that the seals are eating more than their share of fish....thus competing for the same food!!

So it is with a very heavy heart that I share photos of the 3 seals that were lost...seals doing what seals do....snoozing on the beach!!...all were seals that I personally helped to monitor and protect while living on the island of Molokai. It is a great loss.

 This is RT40, a one year female. Photo taken Dec. 2010.
(cause of death under investigation)

 This is RT04, year old taken Oct 2011. 
he is looking a bit green, and was ready to do his annual molt

and this is RR64, 8 year old male....
just loved this sweet old guy!!He reminded of a caring Grandpa.
(cause of death under investigation)

Tuesday, December 27


Well we were up bright and early Christmas morning. The girlz could hardly wait to open their gifts. The following photos were taken by my sister and document the 15 minutes from start to finish the life and death of Gracie's new squeaky toy....poor Mr. Fox.

 Waiting for mum to get her stocking off the mantel

 Opening their gifts...poor Molly was hiding behind the sofa...too much action for her!

 Gracie enjoying her fox

Both squeakers dead and a rip in Mr. Fox's neck

Snug in her bed...hard work destroying your presents :(

Monday, December 26

Dog wags his tail....

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
 We enjoyed a quite day watching the dogs unwrap their gifts and then quickly destroy them :)
Found this on youtube.
 Hope you feel the message that it gives.

Friday, December 23

calgon take me away....

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged for 10 days. It's been a hectic week in "dental world". Broken teeth, fillings, crown preps, impacted 3rd molars, crying kids with abscessed teeth, root canals, phone ringing, two dentists and one dental assistant.....and that was just yesterday. Well, fortunately today I am able to focus on the final details of being "ready" for Christmas, that is if I can keep my eyes open!

This will be the first time in 3 years that Ron and I will not experience a "white" Christmas and I am going to miss it. You see, the past 3 years we have spent Christmas on the white sandy beaches of Molokai with the girlz. Nothing better than a snooze on the beach, playing in the water and a Christmas Day sunset. For some reason I don't think Christmas here in Nebraska is going to be quite the same.

can you find the 2 Hawaiian Monk Seals???

On a sad note, yesterday amid the dental chaos,  I received news from a friend about a senseless beating/killing of a defenseless animal. My heart is broken. I cannot understand the reason behind this horrific crime. There is an ongoing investigation and I will  share more concerning this brutal act when I am able. Please pray for the human(s)that did this and I do hope that some justice is brought to the animals that suffer and die because of some heartless so called human beings. Okay, getting off my soapbox now!!'s almost time to get up(been awake since 3) and my sister will be here in 8 hours,  so I'll bid you all a good day.

Monday, December 12

we've been busy.....

Been working on my Christmas "to do" list.....

Did you know there are 70 chex mix recipes!!
So quick and easy--something for everyone  
Check them out at
this is Gone Fishin'

 Chocolate Caramel Crunch 


 and my favorite....Peanut Butter Blast!!
Goodies done---check

 hubby put up the exterior the snow
 lights up---check

and packages to family and friends went out today...
packages mailed---check 

List is getting smaller, off to make my peanut butter blossom cookies!!

Sunday, December 11

A glimpse of the lunar eclipse...

I caught it at the very end...
looked pretty cool with the snow on the ground.

Thursday, December 8

Here's the recipe...

Several of you requested the recipe for this wonderful peanut brittle, well here it is...a BIG thank you to my best girlfriend Jo for sharing her family recipe.

To Madsnapper and Sam,  please send me your snail address and "Santa" will send you some goodies!!

WARNING: a friend tried some of this yummy peanut brittle yesterday and over indulged and ended up with a big belly ache.....enjoy your brittle in moderation!! Consider yourself WARNED :)

Peanut Brittle Recipe
By Jo Beil
Makes 2 1/2 pounds of brittle per batch

Note: Prior to beginning to cook, lightly cover 3 large cookie sheets with margarine. Place these cookie sheets into the oven at a low temperature to warm pans (150-200)

1. Spray cooking pan (large pot with handle works best) with Pam cooking spray.
2. Put 1 cup water, 1 cut white corn syrup (NOT LITE!! syrup)  and 3 cups of white sugar in pan.
3. Stir and heat together to 270 degrees (use candy thermometer for accuracy)
4.  Add 1 pound raw UNSALTED peanuts. Stir constantly and cook to 300 degrees.
5. Remove from heat and quickly stir in 2 tablespoons of oleo and 1 teaspoon vanilla.
6. When butter is melted. Stir in 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Only stir until soda is mixed in. (DO NOT overstir as this breaks the air bubbles and that is the SECRET to peanut brittle that is easy to bite and chew!!)
7. Let mixture rise in pan. When it reaches the peak of rising, pour onto 3 warmed, buttered pans. Roll pans side to side and end to end to gently "spread" out brittle. DO NOT spread with a knife of spoon!!
8. Let brittle cool on cookie sheets and then turn pan over and pop brittle out onto foil to allow bottom side to dry. When it is not sticky anymore, break into bite-sized pieces. Store in airtight containers or ziplock bags.

**Jo did tell me that humidity does effect the outcome, so you folks in those nice warm, humid climates may have to do some adjustments.

Sunday, December 4

That's a LOT of peanut brittle...

Yesterday was a very snowy day  in Nebraska, but that didn't deter me from heading to town to do a little Christmas shopping and stopping by friends to help make peanut brittle!! 

Takes an army of friends and family to make this peanut brittle, 
everyone is assigned a job!!

Need a lot of peanuts!!
I was in charge of measuring the ingredients
Butter, vanilla, baking soda and salt
The boys buttering the pans
 The syrup mixture cooking away

 Needed several people to be "rollers"

 Some we're too little to they went sledding
Looks yummy doesn't it????

this was probably 1/2 of the peanut brittle that was made. 
I had to head home before the job was complete, darn those icy roads!!
but ...I did manage to have a taste test and it was delicious.

Friday, December 2

Did you know...

Today is National Mutt Day~
well here's a Mutt's Life!!
 Life was a Hawaii
 I love my mum!
Could someone PLEASE bring me one of those little umbrella drinks and some treats.
Sometimes I have to go undercover....
 because I'm such a cool  Dog....
 I'm telling ya, I am not a MUTT
 I am a princess

 Happy National Mutt Day!!
We do love our mutt

Tuesday, November 29

A little like Christmas,,,

Yesterday I dug out the Christmas decorations. Didn't put up the 7.5 foot tree due to the Posh Dog Bed Pit in the middle of the livingroom, there's just NO room. I did manage to put up my little Christmas village on the mantel and hung the stockings....I know, I know there are only 4 stockings, gotta get Miss Molly one the next time I'm in town. I am still hoping that maybe she'll have her "furever" home by then. So there's a little Christmas spirit living in my house. Enjoy your day!!

Sunday, November 27

Slumber Party...

I think the girlz had an unauthorized slumber party last night. 
This is how we found the Posh Dog Bed Pit this morning!!          

Stuffed critters everywhere--haha
Schatzie, do you know anything about this mess?!?!?
Looks like Goofy partied too hard...

 Even the chicken made the party