Friday, December 30

The Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal...

There are approximately 1200 Hawaiian Monk Seals and their population is declining at an alarming rate of 4% per year.  While there are only about 200 seals in the main Hawaiian Islands, they are doing least until the last few weeks when 3 seals were found DEAD.

A week or so ago I posted about a senseless animal killing (this is what I was referring to).  In the past month on the island of Molokai, 3 seals have been found dead. Two of these deaths have been ruled suspicious and are under investigation, after a necropsy on the 3rd seal, the cause of death was inconclusive.

I don't understand how or why anyone could kill/murder one of these beautiful animals. They spend most of their time snoozing on the beaches of Hawaii.  Unfortunately, some of the local fishermen believe that the seals are eating more than their share of fish....thus competing for the same food!!

So it is with a very heavy heart that I share photos of the 3 seals that were lost...seals doing what seals do....snoozing on the beach!!...all were seals that I personally helped to monitor and protect while living on the island of Molokai. It is a great loss.

 This is RT40, a one year female. Photo taken Dec. 2010.
(cause of death under investigation)

 This is RT04, year old taken Oct 2011. 
he is looking a bit green, and was ready to do his annual molt

and this is RR64, 8 year old male....
just loved this sweet old guy!!He reminded of a caring Grandpa.
(cause of death under investigation)


  1. I'm crying as I type this. I love animals. There isn't any excuse for harm brought to any of these seals.

  2. i will never in a million years understand this. so sad, so beautiful, and so gentle. we will never know he why of the cruelty of man to animals or other people


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