Tuesday, December 27


Well we were up bright and early Christmas morning. The girlz could hardly wait to open their gifts. The following photos were taken by my sister and document the 15 minutes from start to finish the life and death of Gracie's new squeaky toy....poor Mr. Fox.

 Waiting for mum to get her stocking off the mantel

 Opening their gifts...poor Molly was hiding behind the sofa...too much action for her!

 Gracie enjoying her fox

Both squeakers dead and a rip in Mr. Fox's neck

Snug in her bed...hard work destroying your presents :(


  1. have you noticed how much Gracie looks like our Baby girl. on my blog sidebar, is Babys photo, if you click on her photo it takes you to the dog blog and their are photos of her that look just like these. she is so pretty and sweet.


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