Monday, December 12

we've been busy.....

Been working on my Christmas "to do" list.....

Did you know there are 70 chex mix recipes!!
So quick and easy--something for everyone  
Check them out at
this is Gone Fishin'

 Chocolate Caramel Crunch 


 and my favorite....Peanut Butter Blast!!
Goodies done---check

 hubby put up the exterior the snow
 lights up---check

and packages to family and friends went out today...
packages mailed---check 

List is getting smaller, off to make my peanut butter blossom cookies!!


  1. your doing great...feels good to ck off your list...

  2. looks like your to do list is getting smaller and smaller. i am drooling on my keyboard over the chocolate chex, had no idea there was that much that could be done with chex. wow.

  3. chocolate chex mix is my favorite! Honey chex mix is runner up. You are getting things done! I have to make a list or I'll never remember everything and I love checking things off the list. LOL


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