Tuesday, November 29

A little like Christmas,,,

Yesterday I dug out the Christmas decorations. Didn't put up the 7.5 foot tree due to the Posh Dog Bed Pit in the middle of the livingroom, there's just NO room. I did manage to put up my little Christmas village on the mantel and hung the stockings....I know, I know there are only 4 stockings, gotta get Miss Molly one the next time I'm in town. I am still hoping that maybe she'll have her "furever" home by then. So there's a little Christmas spirit living in my house. Enjoy your day!!


  1. the mantle is lovely, the dogs even more lovely and nothing is more important than the Posh Pit...

  2. We followed your post back from our blog and found you. A fellow rescue and foster home.

    We tried to post on your other blog but it won'd let us, for some reason.

    Mogley G. Retrievber


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