Sunday, December 4

That's a LOT of peanut brittle...

Yesterday was a very snowy day  in Nebraska, but that didn't deter me from heading to town to do a little Christmas shopping and stopping by friends to help make peanut brittle!! 

Takes an army of friends and family to make this peanut brittle, 
everyone is assigned a job!!

Need a lot of peanuts!!
I was in charge of measuring the ingredients
Butter, vanilla, baking soda and salt
The boys buttering the pans
 The syrup mixture cooking away

 Needed several people to be "rollers"

 Some we're too little to they went sledding
Looks yummy doesn't it????

this was probably 1/2 of the peanut brittle that was made. 
I had to head home before the job was complete, darn those icy roads!!
but ...I did manage to have a taste test and it was delicious.


  1. Any chance I could get that recipe?

    It looks great!


  2. Sam, I'll try to post it. It is yummy and doesn't stick to your teeth or break them!!

  3. i have not had any peanut brittle in years and years and have never tasted home made, it looks delish and like you all had fun making it. adorable sled rider


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