Saturday, March 31

Tiny Turtle...

At the conclusion of our morning walkabout we found this little little guy in our lower pond. He was about 6 inches from the shore just floating. We watched for a couple of moments and saw no movement, so hubby plucked him for the pond for a closer look. The tiny turtle did move his head, so we quickly snapped a few photos and placed him back near the edge of the water.  Unfortunately, a  check on the turtle late this afternoon found him dead (he was right where we left him this morning).  I am no turtle expert, but I think this was just a plain ole pond turtle.Any turtle experts out there???

turtle was about the size of a 50 cent piece

under side

check out the claws

In the water
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Friday, March 30

Happiness is....(for my hubby)

 is renting a backhoe for a whole day!
That means digging holes, filling holes, digging trenches, filling trenches.... 
it just means digging, digging and more digging.

something about men and machines

I think I might have just the perfect birthday gift for him come August....another day with a backhoe!!

Thursday, March 29

Friday Photo Dump

Mystery Machines, ick a tick, web worms,
weird growths, spring storms, sunsets,
 new growth, and plum thickets blooming
it was a very good week!!

Sunday, March 25

Bluebirds, Kingfisher and a snake...

Hope you were able to get out and enjoy this wonderful warm spring weather.  We spent most of our time outside doing various projects--mowing, painting swings,and visiting our local home improvement store for supplies for our spring/summer projects!!
Now for the BIRDS...I am somewhat amazed by all the bird activity here on the ranch. The bluebirds started nesting on wednesday (oh what a busy little female Azure is)  I watched the pair for about an hour on saturday.  Vogel (the male) doesn't help with the nesting, and I was thinking jeez, Azure does all the work and he just sits around watching and enjoying the beautiful day and then it happened---the intruder, a sparrow tried to enter their "no fly zone" Not a good idea on the sparrows part. The future papa flew into action and kindly escorted the sparrow away from the nesting question that Vogel is doing his job by keeping momma safe!!
One of the duties of having bluebird nests on your property includes a weekly check of the box.
"Momma to be" has been busy!! 
Papa to be on "Guard Duty" 
While hiding in the plum bushes I snapped this shot.

As I watched the pair, I spotted a Kingfisher just as he (she)was hitting the water in the creek, he(she)  came out of the water with what appeared to be a tadpole. What a funny looking his(her) crazy hairdo!
Mr. Mrs. "Funny Do"--the Kingfisher
just learned he is really a SHE, and  that is determined by the "brown belt" she's wearing!!
Thanks   TexWisGirl

The kingfisher with his her catch, a tadpole I do believe, yum
As I was walking back to the house this little guy slithered by...
can't believe I took this shot the old heart was RACING and I didn't even SCREAM!! 
Then there's Gracie...
Please send healing thoughts for my Gracie, she is having some issues with her left hip...
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Friday, March 23

Friday Photo Dump...

Well it's another time to dump the photos.  
 Friends, Lisa, Lorie, me,  Angie and Kathy
we participated in the "Run for the Bridges" fundraiser on St. Pat's Day.
 cute running socks...  :)


Washed windows on thursday...rained thursday nite!! 
My Schatzie girl
Azure pigging out on meal worms!!

Thursday, March 22

Azure and Vogel....

So, they have been named...the blue birds that is!!  A little disappointed that I only had one entry in the name the blue bird contest, but, I am pleased with the winning names. Cyclechick is the winner of my little contest....(she's also my little sister:) so sis, let me know what shot of Azure or Vogel you would like to receive!!  The pair shall now be referred to as Vogel and Azure.  Vogel is the male, and vogel in German means bird!!  Azure is the female and azure in french means blue. So there you have it.   Azure and Vogel!!

It has been raining here for the past 4 days, so this  morning was the first time I have been able to get a good shot of them.  I was also pleased to see that they have been coming to the feeder where they have been given a feast of meal worms. They seem to like the place, as Azure was caught bringing nesting material to the box~~I guess this is where they will start their 2012 family.


Azure...making the house their "HOME"  :)
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Friday, March 16

Ending the day...

 I end this day with a heavy heart. My blogging friend KB and her dog K received some devastating news today.  If you recall, K is suffering from osteosarcoma and is undergoing chemo treatments. They had a treatment today and some tests to determine if the chemo was helping to reduce the cancer. They were not prepared for the news that they would receive...K's cancer has now spread to her lungs. Even though I don't know KB and K personally, I can feel KB's pain.  I do know how it feels to lose your best four legged friend because of disease or accident. It just sucks.
I am asking you to stop by KB's blog and look at the wonderful photos and if you feel inclined, please leave her a note/comment of encouragement.  If you are a pet owner be sure to give your kidz an extra hug today, love on them and live everyday with a grateful heart.

Friday Photo Dump

 Happy Friday....
Wednesday Morning Drive to Work
Seems like I'm always...
how bout you??
Sunday visitors to the ranch
After the swim you need a good shake!
Thursdays gas prices on the island of Molokai...went up 25 cents in one day!!
(photo from hubby's cell phone)
Mr. Blue Bird, still trying to get a good shot of him.  

Sunday, March 11


Okay, it's that time of year when all those pastel colored peeps appear in the stores.
You either love them or hate them....

So, do you love 'em or hate 'em?????

Friday, March 9

Meet the Blue Birds...

I interrupt Friday Photo Dump to introduce you to my blue birds...these two have been buzzing around the nesting box for the last couple of days, think they finally won the bidding war with the house sparrows!! The sky is a brilliant blue and the temp makes for a mild spring type day. I should be doing laundry, cleaning floors or some other type of house or yard work (boring :)  Heck, those things can and will  wait, it's was time to grab the camera and capture these two new neighbors. I am finding the female to be very curious of this crazy human that sits in the grass and chats with her! The male is a bit less cooperative in allowing his photo to be taken. Must keep trying.....

I am contemplating on what names to give them, any suggestions???? Maybe I should have a contest!! Yes, I will have a contest....the winner will receive your choice of one of the following shots  that will be made into a photo greeting card. Okay, submit your entry by March 15 (via the comment section or email me) and a winner will be announced on the 17th!!

Meanwhile, I will continue to get attempt to get a good shot of the male!!
Mr. Blue Bird...shot taken through the kitchen window

The Mrs...

Look at our beautiful new home!!

Her right side...

the left...

She is a curious one...