Friday, March 16

Friday Photo Dump

 Happy Friday....
Wednesday Morning Drive to Work
Seems like I'm always...
how bout you??
Sunday visitors to the ranch
After the swim you need a good shake!
Thursdays gas prices on the island of Molokai...went up 25 cents in one day!!
(photo from hubby's cell phone)
Mr. Blue Bird, still trying to get a good shot of him.  


  1. love the geese pic and the morning foggy sunrise. yikes on the gas prices!

  2. OMG on the gas price, it is 9.64 in UK per one of the bloggers. love all of these of course you know my fav is the shaking off dog

  3. Great post! Always on the go? Seems like it doesn't it. Our gas price here in Woodstock, Ontario today $1.24 per litre.

  4. gas prices are your photos...have a great weekend...

  5. Yikes! I better rent a motorcycle instead of a car the next time I go to Hawaii.


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