Sunday, March 25

Bluebirds, Kingfisher and a snake...

Hope you were able to get out and enjoy this wonderful warm spring weather.  We spent most of our time outside doing various projects--mowing, painting swings,and visiting our local home improvement store for supplies for our spring/summer projects!!
Now for the BIRDS...I am somewhat amazed by all the bird activity here on the ranch. The bluebirds started nesting on wednesday (oh what a busy little female Azure is)  I watched the pair for about an hour on saturday.  Vogel (the male) doesn't help with the nesting, and I was thinking jeez, Azure does all the work and he just sits around watching and enjoying the beautiful day and then it happened---the intruder, a sparrow tried to enter their "no fly zone" Not a good idea on the sparrows part. The future papa flew into action and kindly escorted the sparrow away from the nesting question that Vogel is doing his job by keeping momma safe!!
One of the duties of having bluebird nests on your property includes a weekly check of the box.
"Momma to be" has been busy!! 
Papa to be on "Guard Duty" 
While hiding in the plum bushes I snapped this shot.

As I watched the pair, I spotted a Kingfisher just as he (she)was hitting the water in the creek, he(she)  came out of the water with what appeared to be a tadpole. What a funny looking his(her) crazy hairdo!
Mr. Mrs. "Funny Do"--the Kingfisher
just learned he is really a SHE, and  that is determined by the "brown belt" she's wearing!!
Thanks   TexWisGirl

The kingfisher with his her catch, a tadpole I do believe, yum
As I was walking back to the house this little guy slithered by...
can't believe I took this shot the old heart was RACING and I didn't even SCREAM!! 
Then there's Gracie...
Please send healing thoughts for my Gracie, she is having some issues with her left hip...
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  1. awww. sorry about your pup. hope meds can help! love your bluebird pair.

    your kingfisher is actually a Mrs. for once, the female has more color than the male does (that snazzy brown belt she's wearing...) :)

  2. I really hope Azure is "with egg"... :)

  3. i love the comment with egg. to funny. so sorry about Molly, I will pray for her. hope the snake is not watching the mama birds, they do eat eggs if they can get to them. looks like spring has hit your part of the country. glad you had a day out

  4. Our fingers and paws are crossed for Gracie! I hope her hip isn't anything serious. You got some wonderful pictures! I love the King Fisher, but the snake....WOW! How did you not scream!!! LOL!

  5. I hope Gracie will be fine. I can't remember how old she is?? My Roxy is seven and I'm always massaging her hips just because labs usually have problems there. Gracie gets such great exercise that I'm sure she'll be okay.:)
    I would have screamed if I had seen that snake! What kind is it? I'm with Sandra...hope he's not watching the birdies. That kingfisher is so pretty! Great pics!

  6. So sorry to hear about Gracie, my Reggie had some issues yesterday but I think it's over now. Loved seeing your birds as well as the snake(I actually appreciate snakes as long as they aren't poisonous). I would love to have your bluebirds here. Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.

  7. Oh those hips can be a bother...sending healing thoughts and energy her way!
    Yikes, I haven't seen a snake yet this season, but it's been plenty warm enough!

  8. Snakes! I would have taken a shot but it wouldn't have been with a camera!

  9. My thoughts go out to you and Gracie. Hope she gets better soon.


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