Friday, March 30

Happiness is....(for my hubby)

 is renting a backhoe for a whole day!
That means digging holes, filling holes, digging trenches, filling trenches.... 
it just means digging, digging and more digging.

something about men and machines

I think I might have just the perfect birthday gift for him come August....another day with a backhoe!!


  1. BOL! It's like grown up Tonka toys!!

  2. my brother is 63 and he has been addicted to digging holes since he was 4. he loves digging with shovels or machines. he bought 60 acres of wooded land in GA and proceeded to put 4 strands of barbwire all the way aroudn the land, it took him one year of digging post holes with a post hole digger. he put up miles and miles of fence because he wanted to. the farmers that lived in the community thought he was nuts. he just loves digging holes and i would have loved to be there with my camera. these are super shots

  3. Looks like work to me!

    I've never felt dumber than the first time I rented a backhoe and tried to make the controls work smoothly. There's definitely an art to it! LOL


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