Monday, August 11

Mt. Wai'ale'ale

The view this morning during our walk. The storms have passed and Mt. Wai'ale'ale (wettest spot on earth) sits majestically in distance soaking up the morning Hawaiian sunshine. My view will be different tomorrow. Happy Monday.

Sunday, August 10

Tropical Storm Update

This morning we woke to blue skies and 5 inches of much needed rain. Iselle has gone south after pounding the Big Island and Maui. Not to worry though, the Big Island sent her on her way, seems the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea stopped her from seriously impacting the rest of the island chain. 
Julio must have heard what happened to Iselle and decided to run north. So regular life will resume. Thanks for all the prayers and concern these past few days. 

Thursday, August 7

about those bubbles...


Wanted to share some shots of the bubbles from last weeks Sand Art Festival. Interesting how a man with a couple of sticks, some rope and  a bucket of soapy water can make everyone smile.


Our skies will not be so clear and colorful this weekend as we wait for Iselle and Julio to decide which islands they want to visit. We are prepared and ready to ride the storm out.
You may or may not hear from me for a few days depending the punch of these storms.  Please keep the people of Hawaii in your thoughts and  prayers.

Wednesday, August 6

There's a storm coming....

 I know I promised you Bubbles today, but some times you have to change your plans. We are gearing up for a couple of unwanted visitors named Iselle and Julio. Don't think they're staying long but they might pack a punch so we're getting ready.

Propane, water, gas, eggs, dog food and chocolate chip we're ready!!

Val :)

Tuesday, August 5

Hanalei Bay...

As the guys were paddling toward Hanalei Bay I snapped a few more photos and made my way to the Bay. There always seems to be something happening at the Bay and Saturday was no exception. It was time for the Sand Art Festival.  We attended this festival last year and I was excited to see what sort of amazing creations people would  dazzle us with this year.

 This was taken Friday night before the festival started,
art work by sand sculptor  Jeff Peterson.
tools of the trade
Finished Product--front
Back side.
**note the Harry Potter influence**
 Loved this one
 3 triers and a group effort
 a keiki putting the final touches on his masterpiece
 even Mickey was here
 love their intensity
this little sweetie got my vote....its the Hanalei Pier
probably the sculpture with the most impact.
 most detail??

 titled..."a room with a view"
 gotta have a shark

 there were dozens of much talent and energy.
 Hope you enjoyed a little snippet of the Sand Art Festival.

now...about those bubbles!!!

Monday, August 4

First Stop....Anini Beach

Yesterday was a busy day for the hubby and me. First stop was Anini Beach to drop off R for a quick kayak lesson with friend Chuck. R is kayaking with a men's group this coming weekend to the  NaPali Coast. R has been looking forward to this trip for months.

The above photo of the NaPali was taken from internet. Hopefully they will have blue skies and clear sailing!! We have a hurricane brewing in the east so we will pray for good weather.

 Since neither of us has done any kayaking, it was imperative R received some lessons from an experienced kayaker!
 welcome to Anini Beach
 Love the old wood on the beach
 Simply beautiful
 Carol, Chuck and R
 Getting a few pointers from Chuck
 and they're off
Next stop....Hanalei Bay

Sunday, August 3

This made me smile...

It's been a long day of fun and I'm beat, so off to bed I go.
Nite from my end of the world.