Monday, August 4

First Stop....Anini Beach

Yesterday was a busy day for the hubby and me. First stop was Anini Beach to drop off R for a quick kayak lesson with friend Chuck. R is kayaking with a men's group this coming weekend to the  NaPali Coast. R has been looking forward to this trip for months.

The above photo of the NaPali was taken from internet. Hopefully they will have blue skies and clear sailing!! We have a hurricane brewing in the east so we will pray for good weather.

 Since neither of us has done any kayaking, it was imperative R received some lessons from an experienced kayaker!
 welcome to Anini Beach
 Love the old wood on the beach
 Simply beautiful
 Carol, Chuck and R
 Getting a few pointers from Chuck
 and they're off
Next stop....Hanalei Bay


  1. aloha! I can see you are still loving Hawaii

  2. No need to keep reminding you how jealous mom is
    Lily & Edward

  3. These pictures bring back a lot of memories from my previous trip! We were sitting next to that old tree when we were there, and I think, we were on the same flight with your friend "Carol" from San Francisco to HNL.
    These are very nice pictures, I really like the boat picture! Since, you got Ron into a new sport, are you going to get a kayak next?

  4. Love that last pic!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Beautiful pictures, I never get tired of seeing the emerald colored waters of the Islands!


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