Tuesday, August 5

Hanalei Bay...

As the guys were paddling toward Hanalei Bay I snapped a few more photos and made my way to the Bay. There always seems to be something happening at the Bay and Saturday was no exception. It was time for the Sand Art Festival.  We attended this festival last year and I was excited to see what sort of amazing creations people would  dazzle us with this year.

 This was taken Friday night before the festival started,
art work by sand sculptor  Jeff Peterson.
tools of the trade
Finished Product--front
Back side.
**note the Harry Potter influence**
 Loved this one
 3 triers and a group effort
 a keiki putting the final touches on his masterpiece
 even Mickey was here
 love their intensity
this little sweetie got my vote....its the Hanalei Pier
probably the sculpture with the most impact.
 most detail??

 titled..."a room with a view"
 gotta have a shark

 there were dozens of sculptures....so much talent and energy.
 Hope you enjoyed a little snippet of the Sand Art Festival.

now...about those bubbles!!!


  1. there all amazing to me. they do this here on our beaches a couple times a year. true talent

  2. I always love seeing those amazing sand sculptures!

  3. Wow, talk about skills!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Patient and skilled builders for sure...
    Hanalei Bay looks like the place to be alright!


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