Friday, January 3

Goals...focus on photography

One of my goals for 2014 is to become a better photographer. I love taking photos and capturing images that are unique.  I am really just a novice and quite frankly some of my shots are just pure luck. I know just enough to be dangerous!!  I have made it a goal in 2014 to actually learn the "how to" of my big girl camera.  This is going to be a learning experience, so I hope you will bare with me as I post some of my experiments.

Info on the above shot. This is a photo taken in full color at 4p.m. of the iconic pier on Hanalei Bay. My goal with this photo was trying new sunset settings, hence the lack of color except for the sun flare.   What do you like, dislike...what would make it better?  I wanna hear what you think.

Oh, this is going to be fun!!

Val :)


  1. it's beautiful. looking forward to seeing Hawaii from your lens...

  2. Oh where do I start? LOL

    Just kidding! This is a nice photo. Skies are always better with clouds so you have some texture and you caught the sun's rays coming through the clouds. The reflection on the water is a great touch too!

    Big girl camera? Did Ron relinquish his title to the D90? LOL

    As far as critiques go, if you are using an automatic setting on your camera, stop it! LOL Try experimenting with aperture priority and shutter priority and if the light is low enough use full manual mode and play with the settings to see what you get. One thing I can recommend is a small notebook and pen/pencil. When you find something that works the way you want it to write down the settings you used in the notebook and carry it with your camera. The new cameras do so much now it's hard to remember everything for every kind of shot. And don't forget a tripod, it's a must when shooting sunsets/sunrises because your shutter speed will be slower.

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I'll take luck any day of the week when taking photos. That's half of what photos are anyway. You have to be in the right spot at the right time and even if you are trying it still takes luck for everything to come together just right in a great sunset or most any other non-studio photo.

  3. This came out very nice!
    You are definitely living in the right part of the world to practice your photography skills. Judging by this picture I think you'll do just fine!

  4. This is a beautiful photo and it makes me very happy to remember that I've walked on that pier! Good times and you captured it nicely!

  5. Gorgeous photo! My mom is always trying to figure out ways to use her camera better. She has taken classes but getting the settings right in manual can be challenging. Have fun!

  6. I think it is a beautiful photo! I experiment with my camera too once in a while but find most of my photos are strictly for the blog. ...and I cheat... The iPhone camera takes surprisingly good photos sometimes.

    Monty and Harlow

  7. My mum, just looks and snaps. Like you we live in a beautiful part of the world, can't go wrong :-) Mind you, you should see the one's that she has to delete :-)
    Luv the beautiful black and white scenery.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  8. We are drawn to the little girls but it is a beautiful photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I think that's a gorgeous image. If I had two suggestions, they would be to crop out the thing in the foreground on the far left and to "recover" the blown out highlights of the sun.

    You're actually a really good photographer with a great eye for composition. Because I'm learning too, I have some ideas for you. I agree with Ron - to make the next step, stop using any automatic modes - use full manual. You'll get some real bloopers at first but you'll do better in the long run. Also, try saving in raw format if you don't already. You have far more options for adjusting your image and fixing bloopers!

    I can't wait to see your photos this year!

  10. The only thing that could make that picture any better would be to have us in it! (Mommy said furget it, we're not going to Hawaii anytime soon.) We think it's absolutely, positively beautiful!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. LOL ! Love this line... "I know enough to be dangerous." I never knew this to be true in photography. hahaha

  12. That's a great resolution for new year. Happy new year to you!
    I always captured the Sunrise in Hanalie Bay, not the Sunset. This is something I have to try out in June. Well, by looking at your picture, I think your angle is good, but that shot it's too early to capture the Sunset. Here the list that I normally shoot during the Sunset, it may not agreed with other photographers!
    1. I would wait until the sun just above the horizon with a golden lights.
    2. Shoot with a tripod, and a GND filter at least -2 stops on the shaded area to diffused the sun lights from top half of your frame.
    3. Put your camera on Apperture mode with f/8 - f/11, if you use stacking filter ND with GND you would shot on f/5.6 - f/8.and focus on an object nearest from your camera.

    I just posted some of the Sunset shots yesterday. Please visit "shutterbugs capturing the world around us" blog. For those shots I have used LEE filters stacked with .6 ND, and .6 GND filters.

    Good Luck!


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