Thursday, January 9

It ends with a Big Blue Shark...

Yesterday was a day of adventure.
It began with a call to a nearby cove where I would find RV18 snoozing in the rocks. After taking a number of photos I discovered he had what appeared to be a 'hook" on his back. Photos were taken and submitted to the science folks and they determined it wasn't a hook, but some marine debris that was just "stuck" on his back. Phew...what a relief. He later moved to the outer rocks where he snoozed the rest of the day.

Below was the area of you see the "C" looking object??
The stuff at the top of the back is the remnants of a cell phone tag. No need to worry it's just the glue pad used to hold the tag in place. He will lose it over time. I was concerned about the "C"

 Later, I decided to take  a nice hike up the coconut coast in search of monk seal K13. She's our pregnant girl and has been off the radar for a few days.  Unfortunately no seals, but there were turtles and whales splashing in the water while tourists zoomed by me and them on their bikes. As I hiked along I thought to myself; I know they're on vacation, but they really should stop and smell the roses!! They were missing the true beauty of this island, all because they were going too fast.

 future sea glass
 As I was headed back to my car I was pleased to see one of those zooming
 tourists take a break and soak up the beauty.
It was almost dark when R and I got a call concerning a stranded shark.  We went to the site and found a magnificent pelagic blue shark. It was a amazing indigo blue color weighing approximately 200 lbs. and 8-10 foot long....darkness fell and then

come back tomorrow when I tell you the rest of the story!! 


  1. wow, have not seen a shark like this, what a brilliant color. hope he is ok. i can not imagine not stopping to enjoy that view, the beach and water is spectacular.... i could sit there all day staring at it.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and your stories. I truly enjoy reading your blog Val.

  3. How Blessed you are my friend! What exquisite photos Val, mahalo for sharing!

  4. Oh my! I have never seen such a shark before and never out of the water! I sure hope that shark made it back to sea.

  5. Hi Val, I can't wait for you to show me all the sights when we are there. John and I have never seen that bridge or rock bridge. The shark is beautiful, so sad it died-just hope they can figure out what caused it.
    Hope you are soaking up the sunshine-it is still cold here.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Hi Val,
    Nice shot on the broken pier! Could you tell me where exactly where's this at? I may have to visit this location in this summer. Thanks,

  7. We hope that the shark is ok. It looks so beautiful! Except the whales, I would stop and smell the roses if I was visiting!

  8. Oh nice! I love the picture with the bike

  9. We gotta wait?????? Did you jump the shark? No wait, that is TV jargon. What did you do?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I really dislike sharks...a lot. It's a phobia, one of many. (Snakes and heights are other phobias I have). But I admit he is a beauty!

  11. Sure nice bunch of pictures especially for January!

    Definite be looking in on your blog tomorrow to read part two about the stranded blue shark.

  12. Sharks freak me out, but he is a beauty and I hope he survived. :)


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