Saturday, October 27

MOM, we have a PROBLEM....

Gracie, you're looking a bit sad today, what's the matter???

Well mom, we seem to have a problem!! I was poking around Blogville this morning and found some NEW FRIENDS and they are having a contest featuring their treat jar!! I thought I love treats. My mom must take a photo and show our treat jar to all of our friends....

So here I am with my treat jar...

I took the lid off...

I did a LICK around...BOL

and I found THIS.... an EMPTY JAR!!!

I even had Schatzie check the jar...

Nothing, absolutely nothing but a few crumbs!!

then I found this...
my peeps treat jar---notice it is FULL!!!  

Mom, I am not amused...

but,Gracie, did you look in the treat drawer???? There's lots of goodies in there!!

Good try MOM.....I think we need to go to the dog store NOW!!

Hope your treat jar is FULL.....Have a great weekend. I'm off to the store :)

Friday, October 26 wants to get us BOOTS!!!

 My mom is thinking Schatzie and I need some winter boots similar to the ones shown in this photo. She's tired of having to wipe our feet every time when come inside. Because of the drought we've got LOTS of bare ground and when you add a little  water you get MUD...and mom hates mud.
Do any of your furbabies wear boots?? If so, do you have any suggestions as to what kind mom should outfit us with??

Ultra Paws® Durable Dog Boots
taken from 

Thanks, I think....BOL

Gracie :)

Thursday, October 25

The Power of Words...

My mom is still busy with life, but my gramma Barbara 
from Hawaii sent this video to us the other day.
Mom said it was pretty powerful...
I don't use words but, I do woof a lot.
How about you,
what do your words convey???

Gracie :)

Monday, October 22

There will be consequences....

We experienced a simply beautiful October day. 
The peeps worked on a different outdoor project  while waiting for
 the concrete to cure on the "other" project.
I, of course was once again in supervisor mode.

 I stay a safe distance from all construction or destruction.  
I'm no dumb blonde :)

the peeps take photos of everything.....
kinda cool how both of them are in this photo.

The cattails are exploding 

 The naked trees

I see trouble on the horizon

 Schatzie is knee deep in the pond looking for frogs.


 Nice socks!!!

Schatzie, you know what this means.....
you're going to need a B.A.T.H  

What did you say Mom???

We're both getting  a B.A.T.H!!!
Mom, that's not fair...

Sometimes life's not fair Gracie

Happy Monday!!

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Saturday, October 20

Let's go for a ride....

It's S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y and mom asked if me and Schatzie if we wanted to go for a RIDE!!  Well we thought about it for approximately 2.2 seconds and decided sure we'd go for a RIDE.
We're ready....
 Come on Mom, let's go....I'll drive!!

 By the way Mom, where are we going???
the park? the post office? the store?
we're not going to the vet are we??
No Gracie, we're going to a craft show

 A CRAFT show!! What in the world is a craft show??
Do they have food there??

oh okay, to a craft show it is

Schatzie, do you have your seat belt on???

 Once at the craft show mom said we had to stay 
in the car and not to talk to strangers.
In this photo I'm not talking to mom either!!

Mom did find these pot scrubbers--for those pesky spots 
Schatzie and I aren't able to help get off the pans...BOL

Mom did find some other cool gifts, but we can't 
show you cuz one might just be for YOU!!

Hope you have a Beautiful S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y
I'm taking a much needed nap :)


Friday, October 19

Pick Up Sticks...

Well our outdoor project is traveling at a snails pace due to rain and gusty winds. So mom has a little time to get caught up on her posting. If you recall, we heat our house with wood, so that means we have to haul the wood from the woodpile outback to the storage pile near the house. It means a lot of work so I want nothing to do with that process. I figured that's why we've got my sister Schatzie, after all she is a German Shepherd and aren't they suppose to be "working dogs". What do you think???

As you can see Schatzie is doing her part...

Poppy hauls the larger "sticks" 

 Schatzie handles the smaller ones.

 and all I hear is "Good Job Schatzie!!"

 You'd thought she hauled an entire tree to the pile 
by the way mom was praising her.

 giving the stick to Mom, and getting another "GOOD JOB Schatzie!!

 She is such a brown noser!!

 Here's she's trying to flip the stick...

 Great shot MOM....not!!

Mom...Schatzie is chewing on the stick 
and not putting it on the pile.
 All ready to keep us warm

 Me...supervising cuz that's what I do BEST!!

P.S. I see where we're almost to 60 followers!!
Come on guys...who is going to be #60


Monday, October 15

The new toys and a bed...

Some of you asked what sort of new toys Schatzie and I got from mom.  Well, in our house there are 2 categories of toys--toys that still have stuffing and they are fondly referred to as "Stuffies" and toys that have used to have stuffing and/or squeakers and they are now considered "Skins". Mom can't resist a good buy and when she went to see her college pals she came across these very cute flamingos. They are "skins" with my favorite thing---SQUEAKERS!!!!  I love my Mom and believe it or not they still squeak!!

I call them "Pinkies"

 Pretty cute ay???

My mom is a bargain shopper and she wanted me to share another item that she found at that French store *T*A*R*G*ET*

Both of us Girlz have some arthritis in our bones, after all we are middle aged doggies,
and mom worries about us sleeping on hard surfaces (don't worry we do have beds)
mom just wanted us to be a bit more comfortable.
So as she was cruising through the French Store she found this 
Memory Foam Mattress Topper  for a twin bed(on clearance :)
and got to thinking how she could use it.
I could see the wheels turning and then the scissors came out....
She unrolled the topper and let it expand and then she cut it up into 3 equal pieces.
Guess what!!! Those three equal pieces fit perfectly under our beds therefore 
adding just a little more cushion 

Do you see the price???
Mom made 3 memory foam dog pads for less than $10 
Can I get a WOOHOO!!!

 Here is what one of the sections looked like after mom cut it into 3rds.

 It fits perfectly between our bedding to make a nice 1.5 inch of padding.

 So, here I am with the Pinkies and resting on one of my new pads.
Schatzie is behind the sofa on hers--BOL

Do your mom and dad look for bargains??
What sort of creative ideas have they come up with that you've benefited from??