Monday, October 22

There will be consequences....

We experienced a simply beautiful October day. 
The peeps worked on a different outdoor project  while waiting for
 the concrete to cure on the "other" project.
I, of course was once again in supervisor mode.

 I stay a safe distance from all construction or destruction.  
I'm no dumb blonde :)

the peeps take photos of everything.....
kinda cool how both of them are in this photo.

The cattails are exploding 

 The naked trees

I see trouble on the horizon

 Schatzie is knee deep in the pond looking for frogs.


 Nice socks!!!

Schatzie, you know what this means.....
you're going to need a B.A.T.H  

What did you say Mom???

We're both getting  a B.A.T.H!!!
Mom, that's not fair...

Sometimes life's not fair Gracie

Happy Monday!!

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  1. so even supervisors get baths... BOL. poor Gracie. i love the naked trees against that blue sky and the double pic of your two peeps

  2. Love your photos, and we got baths this weekend too. Not fun.

  3. Great shots! Love the socks.... You get a bath! Lucky you....

  4. I love his skinny stocking legs!


  5. I love your pictures! Hope bath time wasn't so bad... :)

  6. Very nice use of the mirror!

  7. Love seeing your autumn landscape and Schatzie looks like trouble, all mudded up. Glad Gracie had the good sense not to follow but I would have jut given the bath to the muddy one....
    I know they both look beautiful!
    Noreen & Hunter

  8. First I want o say I LOVE your interview at coffee dogs! Loved it! My MOM LOVES cattails. Really she does. She just can't get enough of them. I like cattails too, but a different kind. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Your interview was awesome!! It explains how you have the perfect balance with Gracie and Schatzie. I love this cattail picture, it's beautiful and Schatzie.....well, it looks like sh's got stockings on! LOL!

  10. What? Is that pond all mud? How did Schatzie get those dark and dirty socks?

  11. Lol - nice socks indeed! Is it smelly mud too? Ewww and so funny too!

  12. Woof! Woof! Oh NO but a bath is always good. Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Not the bath! Couldn't your people just find a nice clean pond to let you swim in? teehee Beautiful pictures.

    the brown dawgs

  14. Hahaha! Those pictures of Schatzie are priceless!
    That second picture is really cool! It looks like you all had a really lovely day. :)

  15. Gorgeous fall pictures!!!

    Schatzie looks great with muddy legs!

  16. I love your socks, Schatzie !!!!


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