Friday, October 19

Pick Up Sticks...

Well our outdoor project is traveling at a snails pace due to rain and gusty winds. So mom has a little time to get caught up on her posting. If you recall, we heat our house with wood, so that means we have to haul the wood from the woodpile outback to the storage pile near the house. It means a lot of work so I want nothing to do with that process. I figured that's why we've got my sister Schatzie, after all she is a German Shepherd and aren't they suppose to be "working dogs". What do you think???

As you can see Schatzie is doing her part...

Poppy hauls the larger "sticks" 

 Schatzie handles the smaller ones.

 and all I hear is "Good Job Schatzie!!"

 You'd thought she hauled an entire tree to the pile 
by the way mom was praising her.

 giving the stick to Mom, and getting another "GOOD JOB Schatzie!!

 She is such a brown noser!!

 Here's she's trying to flip the stick...

 Great shot MOM....not!!

Mom...Schatzie is chewing on the stick 
and not putting it on the pile.
 All ready to keep us warm

 Me...supervising cuz that's what I do BEST!!

P.S. I see where we're almost to 60 followers!!
Come on guys...who is going to be #60



  1. it's so good to see Schatzie, we've missed her! your girls definitely earn their toys and treats!

  2. Oh Oh OH I would love to help haul sticks. If you need another helping paw I am all over it, just give me a bark.

  3. Wow, that looks like FUN! I love that you guys are helping!

  4. Oh Gracie you are being a tattletale! Schatzie was doing a great job helping with the sticks. Hmm....where were you Gracie. hehehe!

  5. hard workers...everyone has their job to do...

  6. Every stick helps, right?


  7. Well someone has to surpervise. How else will they know when they are done working? :)

    1. i want Gracies job please, that is just my style. good boy Schatzi..and i am glad you have the baby bulldozer to help. S would be very tired if she hauled that much wood. the baby bulldozer is really cute to. enjoy your winter fire, i would love that and i know fires make canines happy

  8. I always love this kind of help, and they give so much in return, don't they--Even if they don't pick up many sticks!

    I do hope you're doing well, and enjoy your weekend!!

  9. Ohhh Schatzie, you are a hard worker ! I'm sure your help is priceless !!



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