Monday, October 15

The new toys and a bed...

Some of you asked what sort of new toys Schatzie and I got from mom.  Well, in our house there are 2 categories of toys--toys that still have stuffing and they are fondly referred to as "Stuffies" and toys that have used to have stuffing and/or squeakers and they are now considered "Skins". Mom can't resist a good buy and when she went to see her college pals she came across these very cute flamingos. They are "skins" with my favorite thing---SQUEAKERS!!!!  I love my Mom and believe it or not they still squeak!!

I call them "Pinkies"

 Pretty cute ay???

My mom is a bargain shopper and she wanted me to share another item that she found at that French store *T*A*R*G*ET*

Both of us Girlz have some arthritis in our bones, after all we are middle aged doggies,
and mom worries about us sleeping on hard surfaces (don't worry we do have beds)
mom just wanted us to be a bit more comfortable.
So as she was cruising through the French Store she found this 
Memory Foam Mattress Topper  for a twin bed(on clearance :)
and got to thinking how she could use it.
I could see the wheels turning and then the scissors came out....
She unrolled the topper and let it expand and then she cut it up into 3 equal pieces.
Guess what!!! Those three equal pieces fit perfectly under our beds therefore 
adding just a little more cushion 

Do you see the price???
Mom made 3 memory foam dog pads for less than $10 
Can I get a WOOHOO!!!

 Here is what one of the sections looked like after mom cut it into 3rds.

 It fits perfectly between our bedding to make a nice 1.5 inch of padding.

 So, here I am with the Pinkies and resting on one of my new pads.
Schatzie is behind the sofa on hers--BOL

Do your mom and dad look for bargains??
What sort of creative ideas have they come up with that you've benefited from??



  1. WOW your mom is super smart and a great shopper. I really like your Pinkies. I got your package today. THANK YOU!!!!! The creative thing my mom does is.... she lets me sleep on her bed. I do have two other beds that I like but at night I would rather sleep with her. Thank you again.

  2. Now that is an awesome idea Gracie! Your Mom is super smart!! Domeek and I tend to do a lot of shopping at Ross, Marshalls, and Home Goods...they have lots of fun and inexpensive toys/beds! :-D

  3. I just love those pinkies your Momma got you girlz! What a bargain on the memory foam and what a great idea! Why didn't I think of that! They told me a good orthopedic bed For Freddie would be good for him, so this is a wonderful and cheap idea! You girlz have got one smart Momma!

  4. Awwwww, your Mom loves you bunches and comes up with such smart ways to take care of you!

    We take used (and washed) soda bottles and pop treats in them, with a slit in the side, inside or outside we love figuring out how to get those tasty treats out. No boredom here!

  5. That is pretty creative! I love those pinkies too :)

  6. i like your mom. she and i think alike. i double-up all of my dog beds to make sure each pup is treated like royalty. :)

  7. Lol - "skins"!

    I once sewed two giant dog beds for my last two dogs and do you know they didn't last very long! The dogs thought they were giant stuffies! So after a few months of endless hand stitching - it all was for naught and it looked like it had snowed in the living room. So I try to be less creative now. :)

  8. it has been a long time since i visited that French store, what a great idea, and on sale to boot. looks good. gives me an idea for me, my tail bone hurts when i sit on my desk chair to long, this would work for me... our pups have bed pillows on the sofas and they lay on the pillows to make the sofa more comfy since it is leather and they prefer to not lay on leather even though the sofa is stuff with memory foam.

  9. forgot to say, since all the stuffed toys have no stuffing, we bought puppets. i found fuzzy hand puppets at a garage sale, a whole box. Max loved his puppets and they already had the stuffing removed

  10. Hi!
    I am your 59th follower and you'll never guess who sent me over to meet you! Give up? It was Goose from Gospel of Goose, that's who! He mentioned the thoughtful gifts (along with pictures) that you sent to him and I just had to find out what the kindhearted gift giver was and I'm so glad to meet you!
    I love that your mom bargain shops because I thought my mom was the only one! She has brought home the most interesting things for us! I love that you bought the memory foam to be used for cushioning for your beds! Clever!

    1. Welcome April, somehow I missed your post!! My hubby and I have been working on an outdoor project and my blogging has suffered. Hopefully we will have the project done soon so I can get back in the blogging groove. Thanks again for joining us on our adventures.

  11. Your mom gets a WOO HOO!!! This is funny because hubby and I were thinking about getting a twin mattress and turn it into a huge dog bed for our pups. I actually love T*A*R*G*E*T! And I love clearance prices! I go to thrift stores and find balls and toys for our pups. Last week I got 24 new tennis balls for $3.98! Cute flamingos!

  12. That is a great idea!! I shall head over to T A R G E T tomorrow and see what I can find. I do have a couple of bed 'skins' that I can use to stuff and make fresh beds.

  13. Wow, your Mom had a great ideia !! the beds look very comfy !


  14. You get a HUGE "woo hoo"! What nice beds for you. Memory foam rocks! I have a bed made of it, and all our dog beds are memory foam. It really makes a difference.


  15. HI Gracie, I haven't tried memory foam but think I might just have to. Your mom is very creative and frugal-great job. I go to that french store too and love their sales. I look for stuffies at clearance racks or even garage sales-as long as they don't have button eyes/noses because Hunter loves to chew those off.
    Have a great evening.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter


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