Monday, October 15

How was your weekend???

the weekend brought a delay in the project due to rain
Mom went to visit some college friends
and Schatzie and I got a new toy!!

How was yours??



  1. It was OK. I was on very restrictive movement. But all in all it was OK.

  2. New toy is good! My weekend was great - I had a birthday!!

  3. every day is a week end for us, ahhh is hard to tell the days apart, sometimes i have to look at the computer to see what day it is.

  4. Ooo - a new toy! I took Blueberry to the pet store but all she got were some tiny treats (I buy the tiniest ones possible so I can hide them around the house when I leave for work) and poop bags. We also did some fun outdoors things!

    Nice close up!

  5. Buddha, Abby, and Lily got to play out in our big back garden with their humans...they especially enjoyed chasing windblown leaves!

  6. It was good! Sorry your peeps didn't get any outside work done but I bet your Momma had a nice time visiting her friends. You and Schatzie got new toys...woo hoo!! Absolutely love the pic!!


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