Saturday, October 27

MOM, we have a PROBLEM....

Gracie, you're looking a bit sad today, what's the matter???

Well mom, we seem to have a problem!! I was poking around Blogville this morning and found some NEW FRIENDS and they are having a contest featuring their treat jar!! I thought I love treats. My mom must take a photo and show our treat jar to all of our friends....

So here I am with my treat jar...

I took the lid off...

I did a LICK around...BOL

and I found THIS.... an EMPTY JAR!!!

I even had Schatzie check the jar...

Nothing, absolutely nothing but a few crumbs!!

then I found this...
my peeps treat jar---notice it is FULL!!!  

Mom, I am not amused...

but,Gracie, did you look in the treat drawer???? There's lots of goodies in there!!

Good try MOM.....I think we need to go to the dog store NOW!!

Hope your treat jar is FULL.....Have a great weekend. I'm off to the store :)


  1. An empty treat bowl is no laughing matter! Check that drawer immediately!!! Have a great weekend.

  2. One thing I can say for the most part my treat "jar" is always full. But there sure are a lot of nice and even cute treat jars out there. Know what my treat jar is? It's a plastic container that jerky treats came in and MOM just keeps filling it up. Am I missing out on something? Well at least there are treats in my "jar". Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Hi Gracie, I had to move all of Hunter's treats to a high cabinet because he would scratch the lower cabinet door and huff at it. Sometimes he still does it. So I have a cute treat(biscotti)jar but it is empty too because it won't fit in the higher cabinet. Thanks for sharing. Tell mom I love the peanut/candy corn jar; just had some of that the other day and it was a great combo.
    Happy Weekend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  4. Pft! What on Earth?! That's totally not right my friends! Well, I hope that you get to the puppy store before it closes...cause that jar needs to be filled! :-D Happy Weekend!!

  5. Oh my! Abby, Lily, and Buddha all agree that an empty treat jar is no laughing matter! (But it did make me smile.)

  6. Oh no! Not an empty treat jar! That's no good! I hope you got it all filled with tasty treats now. ;)

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  7. Oh G-Dog, you better make a phone call to Florida and place your order for some treats right away!

  8. That would be the worst disaster ever in our house!


  9. Empty treat jar should be against the law!
    Roxy, Rambo and Rocket!

  10. What the heck? An empty treat jar? Gracie, I don't know how you and Schatzie manage! heheheh! I'm sure your Momma's got a stash somewhere for you guys. And if not, just take some of theirs! LOL!

  11. beautiful jar, and so are you and Schatzie...

  12. Hi Gracie & Schatzie! So glad woo found us on the blogs.... we love the outside of your treat jar, but the inside.....not so much. A trip to the treat store is definitely called for! Thanks fur pawticipating, we'll link woo to our blog.

    your new furiends,
    jack & moo

  13. I don't think I am allowed to let the treat jar run that low without suffering severe consequences. I am afraid I'd wake up and find Blueberry chewing my fingers off! ;)

  14. We read about the treat jar contest! Maybe if I can get #1 up we will enter too! Play bows,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  15. Ha-ha! Out treat jar magically appears empty a lot too!

  16. I get VERY sad when I see the treat jar getting low....

  17. Hi Gracie, I'm sorry that your jar is so empty; I just went to the feed store yesterday and got some freeze dried salmon treats for Hunter and Lily. They can only have one per day but they love them. Maybe mom should get you some of these-they are costly but so good-I can tell from the salmon smell.
    Hope you are having a great morning.
    Love, Noreen & Hunter

  18. An empty treat jar is just not right. Inexcusable, really. Hopefully those humans of yours have remedied the situation by now!

  19. An empty treat jar? That's what happens when they know how to open it! LOL

  20. Oh dear!! but we are so very glad at the state of the treat jar...but we wonder how long it will stay full for ;)


  21. Haha oh no! What a disappointment!


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