Monday, October 6


 Fall has arrived. The waves are increasing in both strength and height, the beach front is shrinking, daylight is dwindling. Dozens of surfers now dot the horizon waiting for their big waves. The lingo on the beach is different. You now hear that was "rippin", that wave was "double over head", surfers are "amped", and choosing between that 6'3 board or going with the 5'4. It's life on the North Shore in the winter. I will continue to do my paddle board. However, I will be cruising the Hanalei River where the water is flat, after all, I'm a bit "clucked" of those big waves. 
Yes, fall has come to the Bay.

P.S. no news on Schatzie's lab results....we continue to WAIT!


  1. Beautifully written!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Ha ha, I'll take you're version of Fall over mine any time!
    (Fingers still crossed that everything goes well for Schatzie)

  3. I guess that is one disadvantage of island life is waiting for things that aren't done there. Seems silly to think of fall in Hawaii, but I guess there are changes.

  4. so beautiful, my kind of fall colors. thanks for the update on S

  5. Stunning shot with the clouds!


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