Tuesday, September 30

We're on Hold....

I thought that I would be telling you all about Schatzie's surgery and her homecoming during this post, but as luck would have it the story has taken an unexpected turn.

I dropped Schatzie off at the animal hospital around 9 this morning, filled out the necessary paperwork (which included permission to do a basic blood work panel) and kissed her goodbye. I drove away with great intentions of getting a number of things accomplished before her return home later this afternoon.  I needed to do "dog" laundry, she had to have clean bedding; had to get a new kong  for her rehab entertainment and then rush home to get the newly purchased XL crate assembled for our patient. Lots needed to be done!

I was at the laundry mat when hubby shot me a text asking if I'd heard anything yet (it was noon) Told him no, and I'd be home shortly. Two minutes later the vet called and told me that they had run into some issues with Schatzie's blood work. There were 2 issues of concern. #1 Her white blood cell count was well above the "norm"(like off the charts) meaning that she has some sort of serious infection going on and #2 her red blood platelet count was extremely low and if she had surgery she could bled out. Thank goodness I agreed to the blood panel work up!! So, no ACL surgery was happening today.

Instead, Schatzie remained at the vet until 4:00 under going more blood work that is being sent off island for analysis.  Those results will not be available until Friday or possibly next Monday.  Dr. Bryce also did a more complex physical exam and he found no unusual lumps or bumps. He stated that he felt Schatzie appears to be in excellent physical condition (besides the bum ACL and right hip stuff) He is leaning toward a possible tick bite that may be causing the infection. He said she may have gotten this bite a year ago and is just carrying the "infection" or it may be a auto immune disorder--meaning her body is attacking her red blood platelets. Hopefully the blood work will pinpoint what the exact issue is and then we can address it with proper treatment.

Until we can get this infection under control Schatzie cannot have her ACL repaired. We will continue to keep her "quiet" and allow the knee to heal until surgery can be done. Schatzie is home resting on her bed, poor thing is exhausted from the whole ordeal.
Thanks to all that have sent good thoughts and prayers, it is much appreciated.

Now we practice the "WAIT" command.



  1. i am so very very sorry to hear this.. poor girl and poor you... i do hope they will find what it is and it will be nothing that can't be fixed... i just read on Rottrover, Bart the Rotty has malignant melanoma. 2014 has been a really bad year for pets in blogland. hugs to both of your girls

  2. Waiting is the hard bit. So sorry to read this guys, sending you all lots of love. Come on Schatzie, will have to lend you Frankie de tabby's power of the paw. Lots of love guys. x x x

  3. The WAIT command is the hardest one. We're crossing our paws for you and for Schatzie!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Aw that's too bad! Poor Schatzie. POTP.

  5. I can only imagine what a roller coaster this is for you and for Schatzie. It must be exhausting. I am sending POTP, hoping that all is okay very soon for the ACL surgery to go forward.

  6. Try not to let the anxiety of the wait get to you too much (easier said than done). Hopefully there is a simple explanation and equally simple solution to Schatzie's current situation.

  7. Mom always has a blood panel done, we are too important to be put at risk because of the few dollars for that test, good job there! Poor pup. Hope a simple answer comes back so she can get her surgery and start mending. As for her stiffness, Katie my senior sis has been taking Revitamal since June and the arthritis pain in her paws has all but disappeared. It was so bad Mom couldn't even touch her paws. She is also walking better and seems to feel better and enjoys walking more than just a couple months ago. We told our nose work teacher about it and she put her 13 year old dog on it and has had good results with a decrease in arthritis pain and increase in mobility as well. Once the other issues are under control, you may want to give it a try.

  8. poor Schatzie and you! hugs to Schatzie!!

  9. Oh no. We are all thinking of you and keeping fingers and paws crossed while we await an update.


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