Friday, July 26

The Pup has become a Weaner...

Today I took my new friend Pearl out to the monk seal pup site.
 If you missed that post you can CLICK HERE.
Momma Rocky weaned the pup last Thursday afternoon, just hours after I took those momma and son photos.  Momma was seen on Oahu last Saturday(two days after weaning her pup), Oahu is her "home" island  and is about 80 some miles away from Kauai. Can you imagine swimming 80 miles on an empty stomach??  But for a seal it's probably just a couple flipper flaps!! She will now get much needed rest and replenish her depleted
 body with some 'ono grinds" for seals.
Once the pup is weaned he is now called a WEANER, stop laughing, that's what they are called, I can't make this stuff up. Anyhow, the chubby weaner will now hang out in the tide pools and his birth beach learning to find food on his own and will be living on those fat stores that momma provided him.  He will probably hang here for a month or so and then begin venturing out to explore his big new world.  I am guessing in the next few days the tagging team from NOAA will come and give him some flipper bling---giving him his own ID.  More about that in a later post.  
my friend Pearl
Weaner in the shallows, can you spot him??
 Just snoozing, it's tough being a weaner.
 His big light colored belly

 Sweet dreams little buddy

Hope you are enjoying learning about the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.
Some of you asked what Ono Grinds are....
Ono Grinds is the Hawaiian way of saying YUMMY food!!!
Happy Aloha Friday!!


  1. I love Weaners face... they do have such sweet faces, like they are always smiling.

  2. It's strange that momma doesn't teach Weaner how to hunt...He is a cutie!

  3. Thanks for sharing about the seal. We hope humans find a way to save it! Lee and Phod

  4. Very interesting. I have never heard of this type of seal.

  5. This is great Val. I like seeing what the seals (and you) are up to. Happy Aloha Friday to you too!

  6. Cool! We never met a seal before!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. That is one big wiener! And very cute I might add. I hope he finds lots of yummy goodness to eat.

  8. Love seals, we loved seeing them on the North Sea!

  9. Hi! Just getting caught up on the happenings since out move halfway across the country. Glad to see that things are going well for all of you in your new home! I am looking forward to reading your older posts and getting caught up.

  10. Very cute! Looks like she is smiling! Love your scenery!!


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