Monday, July 29

Always read the fine print....

One should always pay close attention to the signs at the beach....especially the fine print!! 

Beautiful Beaches can hold hidden dangers...
Signs tell you of potential dangers at the beach...
Take notice...and make sure you read the fine print (red arrow pointing to fine print)
 this is what the fine print said!!


On a serious note:
We are prepared for tropical storm Flossie, she is set to hit the Kauai area late Monday afternoon. We are expecting heavy rains and lots of wind.  We live a safe distance from the ocean and nowhere near any streams so we
 should be fine. Praying for the safety of friends that live on neighboring islands.



  1. Ignoring the fine print is always what gets you. Please be safe.

  2. Ignoring that fine print could cause some serious damage to a young pups eyes. Stay safe friends.

  3. when is saw that storm in the pacific my first though was of you... before i did not know anyone there. stay safe. and i can't stop laughing at the naked old people...

  4. BOL BOL BOL...Yes, always read the fine print.

    Be safe. Mom's best friend from Junior High School now lives in Pahoa on the big island. And living in Florida, we know all about the hurry-canes too. Keeping our fingers crossed that Flossie will be nice and move on by.

  5. laughing at the fine print, but i do hope the storm will be mild.

  6. too funny! hope to see have a chance to visit my blog again. I just celebrated two years of blogging!

  7. We loved reading the fine print!

    Stay safe. We hear the storm is going to be a doozy.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. I remember my trip to the Hawiian Islands....we bumbled onto a nude beach...and, yes, they were all old people...esp. old men! LOL! It was quite a surprise!

  9. That's some pretty funny fine print. Stay safe Val and try to stay dry!

  10. Naked old people, eeeew! Wait, my mom is an old person and I have seen her naked, Better make that bigger print BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - We hope all are safe!!!

  11. Love the add on to the sign. Be safe! lee and Phod

  12. Haha! Great post. Good to read you are safe away from the water. Be safe!

  13. That's a good one! I wish you all are safe from the storm.

  14. We saw that there was a storm heading for HI. Hope it is not too bad. Love that sign...that is something to seriously be aware of and avoid!

  15. Too funny. Nobody wants to see that! Hope all is well on the island after Flossie moves on.

  16. That is a funny sign. Hope the storm wasn't too bad!


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