Thursday, July 18

Beach time...

Mom decided she had enough of unpacking boxes and organizing our world, so she put on her adventure slippahs and headed to the beach.
Sign to the beach...
She met this chick at the beach parking lot!! 
this was the path to the beach...
getting closer...

 at the end of the beach....

mom found this....
Rocky, the Hawaiian Monk Seal.
and her chubby pup!!
Monk Seal Notes 
This chubby pup is probably within days of being weaned. At birth this little  guy weighed 25-30 lbs today this pup now weighs approximately 150-200 lbs. Poor momma has not eaten in the past 5+ weeks and has lost nearly 1/2 of her body weight since delivering this pup.
Once weaned, the pup will live on his body fat stores until he learns to hunt for food successfully.
Hope to share more on this pup in the future.
Hey, tomorrow's Aloha Friday
see you then.


  1. So beautiful and interesting...cute shoes too.

  2. This is so incredible. Looking forward to more seal stuff.

  3. Fun! My sister and Mom found a stranded baby seal on the beach in Germany. The rescue team came out and took it to a shelter or baby seals. They are super cool!

  4. oh how i wish we had these on our beaches...

  5. Aloha! What a pretty beach and a loved the walk down to it. Enjoy!!

  6. Oh how we love the beach!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh the Hawaiian beach. Mom says she miss hearing those chickens. So glad you are enjoying your new home. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. You are certainly living in paradise :)
    I've missed out on your this move permanent?
    sending love and cuddles to the pups.


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