Friday, February 22

Meet Buckles

This is Buckles
2.5 year old yellow lab and proud momma to 

 five beautiful babies
4 females and 1 male(blue and yellow ribbon)
The pups are 10 days old

 Buckles belongs to my friend Lisa.

Nothing better than a basket full of puppies

Loved to hear their little grunts 

 and smell their puppy breath

 a full tummy

 Sleep little one sleep

 a mellow yellow lab

 feeding bar is open

 Little Bella--she's the sweet little "runt"
and also the most feisty!!
I think she's just petite, like her momma.

Such a  Sweet Momma--she and I hit it off immediately.
She even found the cookies in my camera bag. LOL

Plans are to take some more pictures
of these sweeties in a week or two.
Can't wait to see how they grow.

So.... for today this is

The End  :)

your awww..... moment for the week!!!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 21

Tuesday, February 19

More about the bridge...

I thought you may be interested in more shots of the bridge I posted Sunday.
We made a trip to Omaha so my hubby could catch an early morning flight to see family. One rule we have is that we stay in Omaha until the person traveling is up, up and away. You know me, I am always looking for some sort of adventure and of course I had my camera with me. My first idea was to take a shot of downtown Omaha skyline early in the morning. Still working on the settings for this particular type of shots. As the sun was rising it hit me to go and explore the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Wish I would have been a bit more prepared, this was a wonderful place for photos, but I was not dressed properly to be out  for long out in the chilly temps.
So here's a little taste of the riverfront area in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha Skyline--predawn 

Up, up and away!! 

The pedestrian  bridge crossing the  Missouri River

 Sunrise on the bridge

 Some nice condos along the river

 One foot in Nebraska and one foot in Iowa 

 College Baseball Fans...this is where the College World Series happens.
TD Ameritrade Park

The color edition of the B&W shot posted sunday.

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is located in the downtown area of Omaha. It links Omaha to Council Bluffs, IA.    More about the bridge

I'm off to prepare for the impending snowstorm.... Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, February 17

Black and White Sunday

Sunrise over the Missouri River

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge--Omaha,Ne

Friday, February 15

Little bro....

For those of you that have been with me for the past year I'm sure you will remember our foster dog Molly.
To read Molly's story Click Here
Molly found her forever home last April and her mom checks in with us periodically. I am please to tell you she continues to do well and now has a little brother named Jax. Mom says the two are inseparable. 
This story continues to make this foster mom very happy and proud.

 Jax and Molly

 Big sisters and little brothers make great pillows

Molly, mom and Jax
guess he needs to  work on relaxing and modesty !!! LOL 

Thursday, February 14

A Special Valentine...


 I would like you to meet Bruce Lee, he is a handsome Rottie/Retriever mix that belongs to my dear friend Barbara in Hawaii. She sent me this wonderful valentine photo and I just had to share with you.
 (with her permission of course :) 

Barbara and her hubby Robert are volunteers that monitor the Hawaiian Monk Seals on Oahu on a daily basis. Her love for these amazing critters can be seen and felt in her fabulous photos. 
 Stop by Monkseal Mania to get a glimpse of  Seal Life.

 Hope you all have a wonderful  Valentine's Day!!
Be sure to hug the ones you LOVE!


Tuesday, February 12

Our first product review...

The following product my be found at the Dog Bark Collar Store.

A few weeks ago we were asked to do a product review on the Tough Hound -All Sports Dog Collar.  Now to be quite honest my girlz only wear collars when they are away from home, ie visits to the VET or while we are traveling.  They prefer the naked feeling!! After reviewing the product I decided to give this  collar a try.  I went with the Fall Orange colored collar. The reason being, the girlz do wear Blaze orange vests during the hunting season and I figured that this collar would just add to Schatzie's visibility in the field.
 You are able to choose from 8 different colors....Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Neon Green, Pink, Blue and Fall Orange as you see here.  You can have it personalized with 4 lines and 13 different fonts...As you can see I had them laser etch  Schatzie, Please call my family and my #cell number (not shown :)
for your pet's sake please put a number that you will most likely be near in case of emergency. 
 Schatzie's collar is 22 inches long by 1 inch wide. I think I could have ordered a size smaller as we have it on the shortest hole and it's plenty big on Schatzie.  The collar is a buckle type. All seem to be heavy duty and made from quality material.
 Another view of the personalized name plate.
 Looks good on my girl

 She was in some brush and I could easily find her with the orange collar.
 Can you spot her???

The collar is made of a poly-coated nylon webbing that is non porous and is suppose to ward off any ugly odors--ie, a roll on a dead animal or possible skunk encounter. Fortunately, none of these things happened during our trial period. The collar is water resistant and is not suppose to fade. Clean up of the collar is with a wet rag. All good qualities in a collar :)

Pros:  Loved the orange color and will work well for us during hunting season for better visibility of the dog.
          The flat personalized name plate was a dangling tag ring to jingle or get caught on something.
          Collar does come in 3 widths...3/4, 5/8 and 1 inch and 8-24 inch lengths
          Comes in lots of colors.
           The hardware is stainless steel and should last a long time.

Cons: I would prefer a collar with the breakaway snap--not the buckle type.
          cost could be a factor as it is listed at $29.95 (but I guess that does include collar and " id tag")

Overall I found this product to be made of quality materials and it would do the job for making my girlz visible in the field  (with the fall orange collar) So, if you have this type of need I would recommend this collar.

The opinions given here concerning  this product are my own. I was compensated by receiving a Hound Tough Collar in exchange for an honest review of the product.


Friday, February 8

{see beautiful}

My {see beautiful} moment is a sunrise shot from earlier this week.  I've been struggling with getting the settings on my camera "right" for sunrise and sunset shots. My blogging friends Ron and Paul over at Shutterbugs Capturing the World are always willing to give this novice photographer great tips. While I need LOTS of practice and help, I do appreciate their willingness to guide me---friends are BEAUTIFUL!!

The past week we've witnessed the arrival of some of our "snow" birds( blue birds, robins and doves). Sunday I found the male bird blue at the feeders and also checking out the bluebird condos in our yard. That means the Mrs. should be here in the next week to 10 days. After checking the calendar from last year--Mr. BB is nearly 3 weeks early!!---Nature is BEAUTIFUL!!.

Thanks for thinking of my friends that were in need of prayer. My friend Anne's surgery was delayed until next monday. It was delayed due to so many people in the hospital with the flu. Her doctor didn't want to put her at risk of a possible unwanted infection. Smart doctor!! Prayers by Blogville --BEAUTIFUL--thank you!!

We hope all that are in the path of the storm stay safe and warm.

P.S.  I  think muddy feet are BEAUTIFUL
--getting a bath after getting the muddy feet, not so beautiful.... gracie

Wednesday, February 6

Thinking of friends...

Today we are thinking of friends, both 2 & 4 legged and 
even some with flippers that are experiencing health difficulties.

Our pal Remington--the big Newfy that is having a tumor removed from under his tongue today.

Cracker R--waiting for blood test results.

My friend Anne--undergoing open heart surgery on thursday.

Sandra at Madsnapper --who is dealing with pain issues.

RK68--a one year old endangered monk seal who died from swallowing a large fish hook.

My Gracie--who continues to struggle with the ACL injury and severe arthritis.

If you have a moment please hold this folks and pups up in prayer.

thank you....val