Tuesday, February 12

Our first product review...

The following product my be found at the Dog Bark Collar Store.

A few weeks ago we were asked to do a product review on the Tough Hound -All Sports Dog Collar.  Now to be quite honest my girlz only wear collars when they are away from home, ie visits to the VET or while we are traveling.  They prefer the naked feeling!! After reviewing the product I decided to give this  collar a try.  I went with the Fall Orange colored collar. The reason being, the girlz do wear Blaze orange vests during the hunting season and I figured that this collar would just add to Schatzie's visibility in the field.
 You are able to choose from 8 different colors....Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Neon Green, Pink, Blue and Fall Orange as you see here.  You can have it personalized with 4 lines and 13 different fonts...As you can see I had them laser etch  Schatzie, Please call my family and my #cell number (not shown :)
for your pet's sake please put a number that you will most likely be near in case of emergency. 
 Schatzie's collar is 22 inches long by 1 inch wide. I think I could have ordered a size smaller as we have it on the shortest hole and it's plenty big on Schatzie.  The collar is a buckle type. All seem to be heavy duty and made from quality material.
 Another view of the personalized name plate.
 Looks good on my girl

 She was in some brush and I could easily find her with the orange collar.
 Can you spot her???

The collar is made of a poly-coated nylon webbing that is non porous and is suppose to ward off any ugly odors--ie, a roll on a dead animal or possible skunk encounter. Fortunately, none of these things happened during our trial period. The collar is water resistant and is not suppose to fade. Clean up of the collar is with a wet rag. All good qualities in a collar :)

Pros:  Loved the orange color and will work well for us during hunting season for better visibility of the dog.
          The flat personalized name plate was a plus...no dangling tag ring to jingle or get caught on something.
          Collar does come in 3 widths...3/4, 5/8 and 1 inch and 8-24 inch lengths
          Comes in lots of colors.
           The hardware is stainless steel and should last a long time.

Cons: I would prefer a collar with the breakaway snap--not the buckle type.
          cost could be a factor as it is listed at $29.95 (but I guess that does include collar and " id tag")

Overall I found this product to be made of quality materials and it would do the job for making my girlz visible in the field  (with the fall orange collar) So, if you have this type of need I would recommend this collar.

The opinions given here concerning  this product are my own. I was compensated by receiving a Hound Tough Collar in exchange for an honest review of the product.



  1. i like it and it is a good idea.. i like the slot instead of buckle to. S looks good and i could find her where she was hiding, the collar made it possible

  2. It looks good and sturdy and might be good for our biggest girl, Lily. For some reason, most collars just don't last on her.

  3. That looks like a very nice collar! I could see Schatzie in the woods which is quite remarkable. Schatzie looks good in orange.

  4. It sure does show up well.

  5. Good color choice for Schatzie! I also LOVE the non-jingly tags. That jingle noise drives me bonkers which is another reason I let Blueberry walk around the house "natural". I agree - the breakaway snap is much easier for those of us that only collar our dogs when we go out.

    Thanks for the review!

    P.S. I am also glad that Schatzie did not roll in anything smelly during the testing of this product. ;)

  6. i'm not a big fan of buckle collars either, but the embedded name tag is a big plus. nothing to jangle and get in the way of the leash clip.

  7. We don't like buckle collars either. But the collar is good looking. Thanks for the review
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hi Val, I am impressed with this collar; the thing I hate is the tags hanging down and causing white fur to turn gray. Hunter always has his on and I've even coated the tags with clear nail polish but it doesn't help. Oh well. Great review my friend!
    Hope all is going well for you; feel free to email me should needs ever come up 8-)
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Multi purpose collar, very nifty! The colour is gorgeous, make you stand out!


  10. Great review guys!! :-) The collar looks fabulous on Schatzie...but I have to agree with the break away factor! Wonderful color for all those crazy hunters!!

  11. I got the same review offer!

  12. I like the colour for hunting season (I just didn't let my dogs off leash during hunting season). I like that the tag doesn't catch but I like their jingling tags so I can hear them when I can't see them!

  13. We love the orange color and how it really stands out from a distance. I think it's a wonderful review~good job!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  14. Great Review! Love the color and it really shows up in the field!

  15. That is a nice collar. We use those kind of collars, orange buckle with name plate on them for the dogs. We need a new one for Freighter. I am going to show it to my hubby. Thanks for the review. :)

  16. It looks really pretty on you, Schatzie! Our mom makes our collars and leashes; we have to wear limited slip collars due to a little "back up, shimmy, twist, back out of the collar I'm FREE" maneuver that we know. It's a breed-specific thing. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  17. That looks like such a cool collar! Very pretty color too.

    Jazzi and Addi

  18. Very nice review Val! And you remembered to block out your phone number! LOL

  19. I like the idea of the bright colored collar as well as no jangling tags. Although sometimes I need to rely on those tinkering sounds. :-)


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