Friday, February 8

{see beautiful}

My {see beautiful} moment is a sunrise shot from earlier this week.  I've been struggling with getting the settings on my camera "right" for sunrise and sunset shots. My blogging friends Ron and Paul over at Shutterbugs Capturing the World are always willing to give this novice photographer great tips. While I need LOTS of practice and help, I do appreciate their willingness to guide me---friends are BEAUTIFUL!!

The past week we've witnessed the arrival of some of our "snow" birds( blue birds, robins and doves). Sunday I found the male bird blue at the feeders and also checking out the bluebird condos in our yard. That means the Mrs. should be here in the next week to 10 days. After checking the calendar from last year--Mr. BB is nearly 3 weeks early!!---Nature is BEAUTIFUL!!.

Thanks for thinking of my friends that were in need of prayer. My friend Anne's surgery was delayed until next monday. It was delayed due to so many people in the hospital with the flu. Her doctor didn't want to put her at risk of a possible unwanted infection. Smart doctor!! Prayers by Blogville --BEAUTIFUL--thank you!!

We hope all that are in the path of the storm stay safe and warm.

P.S.  I  think muddy feet are BEAUTIFUL
--getting a bath after getting the muddy feet, not so beautiful.... gracie


  1. i keep a hamper of dog towels by the front door to try to catch mud - don't even bother with the bath...

  2. Woof! Woof! Glad you joined our This Moment See Beautiful Friday hop. We do miss the Maui sunset. Glad you are able to witness such beautiful sunsets. It's a bit tricky taking photographs of sunsets. But just witnessing the end of the day is Beautiful Happy Seeing Beautiful. YES Muddy DOG feet is always beautiful. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. I LOVE the muddy feet, as long as they are not on my dogs. BOL... great shot and i struggle with the settings to. good you can get advice.
    we need to pray for Beth and Mike and Remington, she just posted he has agressive cancer and they are not going to treat it. i have been crying since i read it

  4. Hehehe, muddy feet are always beautiful!! :-D Wow, that is an incredible sunrise photo, nice job on the settings (but I can't believe that you are up that early)! You have snow birds in your yard? That's super cool...I bet the girls like watching them!! Happy Friday!

  5. Muddy feet without a lot of fur are beautiful:)

    I hope your friend Anne's surgery goes well when it is time.

  6. Gorgeous!


    P.S I wish our Mum thought that muddy feet were wonderful :(

  7. Gracie! I think you win the world championship title for the most mud packed into paws. Incredible!

  8. I think your muddy feet are the most beautiful!

  9. Muddy paws, muddy noses, even muddy coats...they're all beautiful

  10. Love the first picture. Smart to put off surgery to avoid the flu. Can make trouble for those recuperating in the hospital. Have a nice weekend.

  11. That's a beautiful sunrise! I just ordered a filter for sunrise/set shots that is "graduated", going from darker on the top to lighter on the bottom. I had one of these in the past, and I loved it for those high contrast photos.

    It's amazing to see how different your sunrises are than ours because the land is flat there... You really see the huge sun rise, while I don't see it until it's much higher in the sky.

    Love the muddy paws, Gracie!

  12. Our Lady thinks muddy paws are beautiful when they are outside . . . .we always love a sunrise!

  13. I think you've figured out the camera settings, the sunrise is beautiful!

    We have no snow here, but lots, and lots of muddy paws that's giving my washer a good workout!

    I hope you're enjoying your day! ♥♥

  14. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful! Love those muddy paws too! :)


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