Friday, February 22

Meet Buckles

This is Buckles
2.5 year old yellow lab and proud momma to 

 five beautiful babies
4 females and 1 male(blue and yellow ribbon)
The pups are 10 days old

 Buckles belongs to my friend Lisa.

Nothing better than a basket full of puppies

Loved to hear their little grunts 

 and smell their puppy breath

 a full tummy

 Sleep little one sleep

 a mellow yellow lab

 feeding bar is open

 Little Bella--she's the sweet little "runt"
and also the most feisty!!
I think she's just petite, like her momma.

Such a  Sweet Momma--she and I hit it off immediately.
She even found the cookies in my camera bag. LOL

Plans are to take some more pictures
of these sweeties in a week or two.
Can't wait to see how they grow.

So.... for today this is

The End  :)

your awww..... moment for the week!!!

Have a great weekend.



  1. Hi, I hopped to you from a comment to KB, such lovely pups, who could resist a cuddle or two or more? A great Mum too, you enjoy all the little ones, they grow so fast. Greetings from Jean.

  2. Oh you captured them so well. Love them all. Buckles you did good momma. It's going to be hard for me to wait to the next post on them. Till then. Lynne

  3. Oh my!! My MOM is all squishy now. OK me too. They are so cute. And momma is very beautiful.

  4. Oh my, a huge awwwwwwwww from Colorado. What a beautiful mom and a cute basket of puppies. I wish that I could smell their puppy breath... Thanks for a smile tonight!

  5. can't stop smiling and the only thing better than looking at these photos would be to snuggle one of those puppies up under my neck so i could smell that puppy breath

  6. OMG, so cute! The puppy sleeping on her back is hilarious. Buckles looks really sweet. Love the little footers at the end. :)

  7. Oh my GOODNESS!!! My mom would FLIP over those little potatoes! So sweet - and the mama is just a doll!
    Play bows,

  8. So cute!! Buckles - you did good! Such a gorgeous crew you have there, Mama.

    That one sleeping on her back is SO adorable. Would love to get my mitts on them!

  9. They're adorable! I did consider letting our Roxy have one liter, but I knew we would want to keep them all. :) Looking forward to more cute pics! Buckles is a beautiful Mama!

  10. Hi Val, you are added to my list, so have visited all over again, and they are lovely, more so the more I look. Cheers from Jean

  11. What an awesome basketful of pups!! And Buckles did a great job as mom! So cute!! xo Jeanne

  12. Hi Val, I just got home but wanted to see how you are fairing with the snow? We are getting hammered today. These pups are so adorable-would you consider one? I would love one but hubby wouldn't. Not sure Hunter would like a playmate that will get big(of course it would help him getter over his fear of big dogs).
    Stay warm my friend!

  13. PUPPIES! So cute and chubby at 10 days.

  14. Aww, there's nothing like puppy breath. Very sweet indeed :)

  15. Buckles and her babies looks adorable!


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