Thursday, December 13

{This Moment}See Beautiful...

Today I'm joining others in Blogville and encouraging you to {This Moment}SEE BEAUTIFUL.

The shot above was taken last winter while out walking the girlz. I turned around to find Schatzie sitting and looking at the sunrise. My girlz really help me to slow down and See Beautiful and for that I am grateful.

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If you remember from yesterday's post I said I was going to challenge you today. So get your camera or cell phone ready....I'm encouraging  you to SEE BEAUTIFUL, snap it and send it to my friend Lydia over at SEE BEAUTIFUL.Now send your photo(s) to ---  For every photo that is sent to SEE BEAUTIFUL til the end of December, the folks there will donate $2 per photo up to $1000 dollars that will then be donated to Saint Anne's Center/Lantern House. This is a Homeless Shelter located in Utah. What makes this shelter unique are a couple of things....#1 our buddy GOOSE and his mom Michelle,  are personally involved in the work at this shelter and #2. I think this just might be the first shelter that will  have a specific area for pets and their family. And if all this wasn't cool enough, our friend Sugar is also donating $1 per blog that joins this Blog hop (up to $100).  So what are you waiting for---get out there and snap, snap snap!!

If you submit a photo---please come back and leave a comment stating you did so...I wanna see your SEE Beautiful Shots!!

Thanks,  val


  1. Woof! Woof! it's beautiful VAL. Precious photo. Golden Thanks for joining us, Goose and his mom will be very happy. Happy This Moment See Beautiful Friday. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. That is such a beautiful shot. I could look at it all day. Way to go Schatzie for helping your mom slow down and the the beautiful. I do that for my MOM sometimes too. Thank you so much for sharing beautiful.

  3. What an awesome photo!!! Beautiful indeed!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  4. That is one beautiful shot! It really makes your heart skip a beat. :)

  5. this is a really special and beautiful photo and i did pop over and look at the photos on the other site, there are so many beautiful photos and lots of money going out.

  6. absolutely dreamy! belongs on a calendar, too! she is such a great model!

  7. Dogs are so great at making us slow down & actually "see" the beauty around us...They find such joy in the smallest things...Lovely photo!

  8. Schatzie most certainly is seeing beauty. God gives us sunrises and sunsets each day free of often folks fail to take in the splendor!!
    Great post. Mom says she thinks Schatzie means sweetheart in that correct?
    hugs madi and Mom

  9. I have seen beautiful and it has been sent. Thanks for the heads up and I love the photo of Schatzie!

  10. This picture made me gasp! You know you could do a calendar of JUST your pictures!

    If they do another contest next year, I really hope you enter this picture - it's very special!

  11. Oh my stars. Good thing you couldn't hears my jaw hit da floor cuz it was loud. I am just absolutely LOVIN' dat foto, and in total awe you was ables to capture it. My mum always be missin' da bestest opportunities. I say slap dat foto up on da mantle.
    We sent some fotos in to help Goose.


  12. Hi Val, Beautiful photo of Schatzie! You always bring beauty to my life-thank you dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  13. Truly beautiful, and your heart is beautiful too.

  14. That is such a beautiful sunrise, thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by, it's great to meet you! :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. You aren't kidding! What a beautiful photo! We love our Christmas card!!! Ty!


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